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    FOR SALE: VIC Force USA VersaRack XL Full Setup

    Hi, I'm currently selling my full Force USA Power Rack setup, which I've only used a handful of times. (!) 1 x Force USA VersaRack XL - Folding Power Rack with all attachments (RRP $1,695.00) 1 x Force USA VersaBench XL - Folding FID Bench (RRP $449.00) 1 x Olympic Quick Lock Collars - Pair...
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    5/3/1 Influenced Program?

    Hi, I've been jumping between the PTC Beginners workout here, Starting Strength, and 5/3/1, and I'm wondering whether you can offer any advice with me wanting to start a 5/3/1 influenced program, and in the following fashion: Workout #1 - Squat (Hard), Deadlift (Easy) Workout #2 - Bench...
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    Thoughts on where to buy TONOTIL Equivelant in Australia?

    Hi, I was stressed out extremely bad when I was overseas to the point where I couldn't get out of bed, and had major pains in my abdomen. My overseas doctors told me it was due to excessive stress, which was either due to "my job, or my woman", and he prescribed me a tonic called TONOTIL which...
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    bench press inside a power rack

    I'm loving all the great advice on the forums, and I have one quick question to add to it. :) I've recently bought a power rack, and I can't seem to touch my lower chest due to where the safeties are placed in the power rack. I can place my elbows parallel to the bar but that still doesn't...
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    Garage Training for my wife and me...

    Hi, I'm seeing some great motivation in these forums, along with some great transformations. Kudos to all for their dedication, and commitment. I've recently devised a crazy idea to go for the home/garage gym option due to our commitments with our kids (who are now in the crazy toddler stage)...