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    [NSW] For Sale - Power Rack, weights and bar

    Hi, I have for sale a power rack, weights and bar. The rack is a pin and pipe style and is 2210 tall.Could do with a paint Weights: 6x25kg, 3x20, 3x15kg, 2x5kg, 2x10kg, 2x2.5, 2x1.25kg ABC power bar Flat bench Located Beecroft NSW 2119 Price: $900 Any questions just send me a pm or reply...
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    Anterior compartment syndrome

    Hi, It looks like I have lower leg chronic anterior compartment syndrome. My GP said thats what he thought it was but I went into the specialist expecting something like I'm throwing my foot funny. Getting cut open was not what I was expecting so I'm thinking of all my questions now. It seems...
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    John Kuc

    John Kuc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Career Profile…. Jan 1969 Florida Open Power Meet , Daytona Beach, Florida: 242lb // 405bp-550sq-605dl-1560tot, 1st Nov 1971 World Championships (AAU) York, Pennsylvania: SHW // 955 kg (342,5sq-240bp-372,5dl) , 3rd Mar 1972 Superstar...
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    Bill Kazmaier

    Bill Kazmaier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    EPF 7th – 11st May 2013 European Open Powerlifting

    EPF 7th ? 11st May 2013 European Open Powerlifting on USTREAM: 7th ? 11st May 2013 European Open Powerlifting Championships 2013 Press Championships 2013 P... A 72 kg girl from the ukraine did a 250kg squat earlier.
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    SMH - Doctor sanctions steroids

    Article in the SMH. Technical difficulty Not sure what the SMH difficulty is but here is the article. Doctor sanctions steroids Date October 28, 2012Adrian Proszenko A FORMER Australian Commonwealth Games team doctor has called for sporting authorities to give up on their war against...
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    Power rack hole spacing

    Hi Is 1" hole spacing on a rack of any practical benefit for strength training or is it a marketing tool? thanks Andrew
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    Cast metal plates

    I'm in the market for cast metal plates. I can see Hart has them. Has anyone dealt with them before? Or know of any other out there? thanks Andrew
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    Eight seconds key to weight loss

    There was an article in the news this week regarding interval training using 8 second effort phase for 20 minutes yielding positive results. Eight seconds key to weight loss | News.com.au Technical article The Effect of High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise on Body Composition of Overweight...