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    Exercise books

    The barbell prescription. Sullivan & Baker SS basic barbell training. Rippetoe Practical Programming. Rippetoe & Baker $20 each or $50 for the lot. Will post at your expense. Books are in perfect condition. Moving overseas and have to eliminate some items lol. Sent from my HTC 2PS5200 using...
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    Push/Pull Ancillary Programming?

    Looking for wisdom from the usual suspects on ancillary exercises. I'm running 5/3/1 triumvarate, with quite a few ancillary exercises to choose from. What I'd like to hear is which exercises would complement, or work opposite each major lift muscle group. Brief hx is Stronglifts, then...
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    Budget platform

    So I bought some lifting shoes, and wanting them to last, decided to implement some type of platform. 1 sheet of 15mm plywood 2.4 x 1.2, cut down to 1.1 to slot inbetween rack base. 1/2 tin cabot's cfp floor polyurethane. 3 coats for the top, sanded inbetween. 2 coats for the bottom, no...
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    Is this legit?

    http://www.jao.org.au/obsidiansport-redwhite-nike-romaleos-ii-power-lifting-mens-australia-shoes-76927460-p-3966.html I'm up for a pair of romaleos, this is what Google came back with. I wish/hope it's for real. Anybody have any experience with this trader?
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    Buggered elbow

    So, seems I've buggered the elbow/tricep from low bar squats, think i was gripping the bar too hard lol. I've read as much of the previous posts as I can, and am now taking a week or 2 off, with lots of foam rolling, strengthening exercises. I'm wondering if it's primarily to do with...