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Search results

  1. El Testicle

    Recomp kunce

    As the title states brosephs... All things Recomp. I'm a fat kunce. Not being able to apply myself fully just yet (almost there) hasn't helped. Damn nerve damage... Anyways, I want to hear from any former fat kunce who've successfully done a recomp. I'm not talking a cut and bulk, I mean a...
  2. El Testicle

    Ask Uncle Test-E ***NSFW***

    Going through puberty? No-one understands you man? Want to off you mother-in-law, but afraid of the legal implications? Ask Uncle Test-E anything. This is the thread where you can let it all hang out. No one will (openly) judge you here kunce...
  3. El Testicle

    Favourite exercises for thickening

    What's everyones favourite exercises for thickening / mass on the back and chest?
  4. El Testicle

    Arthritis - treatment

    A'ight - Been diagnosed with arthritis in the left shoulder ACJ. Thought it was muscular, but no. Got cortisone shot yesterday, slowly feeling some relief with a view to being able to bench press (albeit lightly at 1st) and do some form of shoulder press one day soon-ish... On the list to...
  5. El Testicle

    Steroids and potential benefits for injuries

    Kia Ora everybody, While this is kind of a 'first time cycle - give me your thoughts' thread ; I am specifically looking to have some queries answered regarding Deca, it's use for joint mobility and tendon strengthening and potential sides when used on it's own or with Test-E as suggested by...