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Search results

  1. Grunta

    Knee Hurting

    Hey medical kunce! Who knows what the fuk is wrong with my knee? cbf waiting at the doctors. Every time I kneel to put on a shoe (forget rooting, cant do it) the right knee gets an agonizing sharp pain right at the contact point. :mad: Thought I knelt on something like a pebble or glass but...
  2. Grunta

    Internet TV

    @White_Lie ; @Repacked ; you kunce are up whith the latest 90s tech shit, can you explain to a kunce that still lives in the analogue era, how this works. the area where I'm building doesn't allow tv antennas and mandates fibre-optic through the house, has to be in the plan, so I'll have ultra...
  3. Grunta

    Any kunce have a concave TV?

    As per the title, has anyone got one I them fancy curved screens? If yes, good? If so why good? Gimmick? Why? I looked at one today with matching curved soundbar, shmick fuken. If I had more time it would have come home with me, but I haven't researched them or the going price so didn't want to...
  4. Grunta

    Metal detector ?????

    Has anyone purchased a metal detector or own one? My kids are breaking my chops for one and I don't know anything about them. Do these $120 eBay jobs work or are they useless and need to go closer to $1000 for it to work? Considering how many kunce were at the beach yesterday, might not be a bad...
  5. Grunta

    Need new media player

    Guys I need a new media player for my theatre room, have this Panasonic blueray, tuner, recorder, player thing, but it doesn't play some of the files I rip off the net, like MKV and others. Can any one recommend one that you Don't feel like smashing the thing with a hammer in the first week? I...
  6. Grunta

    Grays Online - Protein Sale - Today

    Looks like a supplements store may have gone bust and Grays online are auctioning the stock tonight. all sorts of stuff starting g at $20. check it out May get a bargain. @Admin not sure if I posted in the right area.
  7. Grunta

    Max size of attachments?

    Hi @Admin The new attachment manager doesn't seem to have the list of types of files accepted and max sizes. I shot a quick vid with my iphone, but cannot attach it. Its a MOV file and 7.8MB Is that file type accepted? Is it too big? Can I reduce the size somehow if too big? Its only 5 second...
  8. Grunta

    Training Calves (Not Calfs)

    Hi @Silverback Got a question for you, I have been trains calves every second day since I realised they were 1/2" smaller than my bis. Its worked well, with that and extra cycling I've been doing they are stating to look good, so I'm on the get big calves fad. I have been doing standing and...
  9. Grunta

    Calfs vs Biceps

    Just curious, how many people on here can say their calfs are the same size as their bis? Reason I ask is, we had this conversation at the gym today, so we measured, and I am embarrased to say that the 3 of 3 of us have smaller calfs than biceps. This was by no means a proper measurement...
  10. Grunta

    Not your regular begginer

    Sorry to start another "what program would you recommend for a begginer?" thread, but this one is a little odd as far as goals are concerned. What training package would you put together for an 18yo kid who has these goals: Want's his upper pecks to "look ridicoulus when he's rocking a low...
  11. Grunta

    Elbow Flared Up

    Hi, am hoping for some advise, (miracle really). As per the title the R elbow is on fire again, cannot to tricepts and starting to affect my benching. It's an old glitch and have tried all the basics that I have for years as it flares up. I want to stay off the ani-inflams and the only way...
  12. Grunta

    Cramps and Spasms in Forearm

    Hi All This is my first post, I have done a search but cannot find specific threads to my question. As per the title I have been getting bad cramping and spasms of the forearms, never during training, at night and during the day only, actually during training is the only time I never get them...