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Search results

  1. 0ni

    The paralysis by analysis program

    Just about every single normal person goes through these issues - whether it's a time/priority issue or maybe just don't know where to start or...maybe they are paralyzed by all the information. So this post is for all of you. I have been there many, many times. And this is how I "solved" it...
  2. 0ni

    Box / platform for stiff legged deadlifts

    Hi guys, I need to find something to stand on to do stiff legged deadlifts. I am not against making it either and have any tool that would be required. However I'd rather just buy something Ideally, it would put the bar at toe level when it is loaded with 20kg plates.
  3. 0ni

    Fixed roidgut

    Andrew Collura
  4. 0ni

    Thread for religious people

    No atheists allowed
  5. 0ni

    Thinking of training squats, dips and curls only

    I know its not respected when guys only train certain parts. But really, these are the parts that need to catch up so I was wondering your guys' thoughts on this All that seems to grow is my back and delts. Maybe if I wasn't training them the rest of my body would improve :confused:
  6. 0ni

    Strength Vs Endurance

    Increasing strength is a great way to build muscle, but how much muscle are you building if you increase your 8RM by 2.5kg that month? Eventually you run out of exercises that you can reliably get stronger on to build muscle However muscular endurance, the amount of volume you can do within a...
  7. 0ni

    The perfect rep

    Goosey; what is the perfect rep
  8. 0ni

    John Meadows Programs

    Has anyone ever done these? I am following his programs now and making really good gains. My arms are now bigger than they have ever been! I am hoping that they hit 15 inches soon. I know it's not much but I always struggled with my arms. The arm workout I just did was: EZ bar curls - 3x15 to...
  9. 0ni

    Unless you compete, 250mg of Testosterone a week will give you everything you need

  10. 0ni

    Anterior shoulder pain when benching

    Made this video for someone on my Facebook
  11. 0ni

    How 0ni's wife got healthy

    Hi everyone, I've not been here for the last two years but I never stopped researching diet and training. My wife wanted to drop a dress size and get healthy. She did not however want to go hungry or do something so extreme she wouldn't be able to stick to it. The first thing we did was get her...
  12. 0ni

    The reverse hyper

    I don't want to hurt myself getting back into lifting so I am keeping things very light for a while. Of great interest to me are exercises that I can absolutely kill it on and give 100% without fear of injury My favourite for the lower body is the reverse hyper. I've been doing 200 reps a week...
  13. 0ni

    My recent trainings

    Hi Just going to go over my recent trainings with you, I'm really liking training like this, it's fun and objective Training split: Monday - bench Wednesday - Squat Thursday - Accessories Saturday - Deadlift I might also do extra light sessions So what I'll do for each lift is work up to a...
  14. 0ni

    Coming off

    Coming off for a while Just focusing on other things at the moment, still training hard though Steroids are simply not a productive use of my time right now My main emphasis at the moment is on movement, getting everything firing correctly, good body composition and general health Nothing...
  15. 0ni

    Gluten free pancakes

    So I eat gluten free now Made pancakes with rice flour Not as tasty... kinda dry Just usual method, 3 eggs, beat them, add 240ml of rice flour (not sure on weight), 120ml of no homo milk, some sugar, cinnamon, 1g salt Then just pan fried Ideas to make it more tasty? Less dry and more fluffy /...
  16. 0ni

    Random nutrition knowledge I've learned recently

    White fish and eggs seem to be the bodies preferred source of protein Fish oil is stupid, adding more PUFA to a diet high in PUFA is dumb Remove PUFA completely, fish / omega 3 should be your only source Braising beef mince and then washing it under hot water makes it mainly saturated fat, very...
  17. 0ni

    Easy flexible dieting

    This is what I use with my clients and myself Tracking macros and eating to them is near enough impossible to get exactly right. There is an easier way. Let's take a quick breakdown of what nutrients do. Protein - Stays static, 1g/lb or 2g/kg is fine. Eating more fills you up, eating less...
  18. 0ni

    High Intensity Training: A Scientific Critique

  19. 0ni

    The 0ni diet

    Thought I'd fully document my diet principles for you guys. I have things pretty fine tuned now and have a good client base to test things out with so I am very confident that this method works well for the vast majority of people. General principles Carbs are fairly low, protein on the higher...
  20. 0ni

    New blog: Reversing out of a diet correctly

    Hope Christmas was good for you all. I've started a new blog on nutrition and training. This is my first post and it is on coming out of a diet correctly Spinal Tap Training: Lets kick this fucker off - reversing out of a diet correctly