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Search results

  1. candyflip

    Reviews of 4 Pre Workout Supps

    My last order from AMINOZ had 4 samples of PWO's included. Here's my thoughts on them (CTD's Noxipro, iSatori's PWR, San's FIERCE and Bpi's 1.M.R): CTD - NOXIPRO Sample sachet includes 2 servings, but being a sane tester for a new product, I just had about 3/4 of a serving. Good taste...
  2. candyflip

    Betting Market UPDATE - June 30, 2012

    January 2012 Betting Guide was: 4/7 Deep 3/1 pistachio, BigMick, candyflip and anyone else on the Test Booster Trial :) 8/1 Sam Heihei, LMD1234, oldcorollas, KungFooGoo, semillon, unibum, D1cko etc, Drift, Ae86, malceb and assorted low post number peeps. 10/1 Alpha Moth and other pre-pube...
  3. candyflip

    You can only choose 1 supplement in the world...

    End of the World scenario... You've got a shelf in front of you with every known supplement, but you can only choose 1 to take. Which one, and why? For me: JACK3d... the best PWO I've ever seen and measurable differences in output with it. Will miss it.... :(
  4. candyflip

    Amino Z still around?

    I noticed they stopped being a forum sponsor, JUST as I was about to grab a bunch of stuff from them. did they close? Does anyone know if they are still a going concern?
  5. candyflip

    Your favourite HIGH Carb, Low Salt meals

    I need a few suggestions for High carbohydrate, low salt meals over the next few days (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Fairly plain pastas/rice for lunch and dinner seems obvious, but how about breakfast? Everything seems to have sodium in it - at least, anything commercial?
  6. candyflip

    Body Transformers - Are you even training?

    You know the bookmaking I started before the contest kicked off. You know the favourites I named. You know how many young studs lined up at the start and sprinted off into the distance?..... And now, almost 6 months later, who is still running? Same names we expect, with a couple of...
  7. candyflip

    Anyone ever been to the Saints & Sinners Ball?

    Thinking about asking my FB to go along... too old for regular dance parties these days, but perhaps wouldn't be so out of place in a mask at a ball like this! buggered if I know what I'd wear though... seems the dress code for guys is a g-string, or variations on nothing. No pants, trousers...
  8. candyflip

    MARK HUNT for President

    Hilarious #RallyForMarkHunt - YouTube
  9. candyflip

    UFC Tipping Contest

    Guys, Another forum (non-BB related) I frequent had a UFC match tipping contest going last year. New one about to start soon, for those that might like to join in. The Asylum Forums - V2 - http://www.asylumforums.net - Login For shits and giggles only really. There's a small prize...
  10. candyflip

    Test Booster Trial - what effects can we expect?

    As some of you may know, pistachio, Big Mick and myself are all trialling a regime of Bulk Nutrients Test Booster, D-Aspartic acid, DIM and ZMA caps this month in an effort to make our testosterone levels jump. I've never cycled anything, so am unfamiliar with the effects that an artificially...
  11. candyflip

    What YOU achieved this year (2011)

    Time to look at the goals, and where you got to. Personally, I wanted to add a few kgs of muscle mass (scales-wise) and maybe trim some bodyfat %. I achieved neither to the level I had set (according to my DEXA and the scales) - and instead have moved only inches in regards to the actual...
  12. candyflip

    Realistically - how many workouts will you do between now and the New Year?

    I have every workout logged since May 2010 for myself, so I can tell you exactly how many workout I got in between the 15th December and the 15th January last year - ZERO! :D My caveat was I took a trip to NZ for Xmas, but, I certainly had the opportunity to do something if I had wanted to...
  13. candyflip

    When they say "You're big enough now" - how do you react?

    Your significant other, or someone else you care about deeply, says to you "I think you're big enough - no more muscle please". How do you react?
  14. candyflip

    [Music] Who was clubbing in Melbourne between 1999-2004?

    If you were, you might just see yourself in here somewhere. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7vGE4GPuTY
  15. candyflip

    Anyone believe in the power of herbs?

    USPLabs (the Kings of Spin) newest product is about to drop commercially: USPLabs Compound 20 I tried Yok3d and it was a complete bust for me - tried 4 different dosing protocols and none of them worked, so I ended up sending it back for a refund (which I received). Not touching this with...
  16. candyflip

    Age article from a Wellness expert - go at it boys!

    It's make or break for muscles Where do you start with this shite - so much unproven fallacy. :mad: Still, just one man's opinion. comments on the Age website for this article are OPEN - have at it! :D
  17. candyflip

    Is Bike Riding the most effective way to get HUGE legs?

    Even those hippie bike couriers outside my work have wider spreads on their quads than me. .. and as for their calves, don't start me.... Is bike riding the single fastest, most effective method for adding bulk to gams? Personal experience reports from anyone that took up riding after age...
  18. candyflip

    New gym needed (Bayside Melb)

    I'm fucking sick of my health club - they never spot me when I ask (or act like it's a major pain to do so), everyone trainer does it differently when they do (some pull too much, others tell you to change your form mid-set!), and I'm generally fed up with not having any big boys to follow when...
  19. candyflip

    Candyflip's DEXA scan Sept 2011

    Dudes/ettes, I've been meaning to get a DEXA for ages, and wish I'd been able to have one 20 years ago for the comparison I could have made. For you young 'uns on this board - I highly recommend you shell the $80 for this now, as you'll have a fantastic time-capsule record for yourselves in...
  20. candyflip

    Who uses Viagra/Cialis here for longer/stronger in the sack?

    I don't, but am thinking about it. I fondly remember 5-6 hour sessions when I was abusing non-prescription drugs up me snout in the 'ol days. Now I'm newly single again and no longer partying, I'm thinking a blue pill or two in the wallet wouldn't go astray. You just never know when you'll...