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Search results

  1. StrungOut

    Eric Helms - The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid series

    Part 1 of "The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid" series. Good timing for this White_Lie ; . I really do enjoy the information out of Eric Helms and Alan Aragon. Bonus content - Eric's interview with Alan http://www.3dmusclejourney.com/2011-december-qa.php
  2. StrungOut

    Bn protein beer!

    Bulk Protein Beer
  3. StrungOut

    Food Engineering

    Inside the food industry: the surprising truth about what you eat | Life and style | The Guardian Fairlu insane some of the stuff that is happening/has been happening with food that most people aren't aware of
  4. StrungOut

    Effects of brown rice on low protein diets

    AbstractThe effect of brown rice with low protein intake was studied in five healthy young men. Feces were weighed, the digestibility of nutrients was determined, and blood tests were made. Each subject followed a diet consisting mainly of polished rice for 14 days and one consisting mainly of...
  5. StrungOut


    Anyone recently purchased a dishwasher they are happy with? A lot of different opinions on the net, mostly seem pointing a thumbs up at Bosch and Miele. I know a few people with Electrolux but none have said a good thing about them but they bought them around 2 years or more ago, and companies...
  6. StrungOut

    I need a new blender

    Had this http://www.cuisinart.com.au/index.php/product/cpb-300ra-compact-portable-blendingchopping-system-red/ but after a few years I have managed to break it. Anyone else got any suggestions before I shell out and just get another of the cuisinart's?
  7. StrungOut

    [Music] Tim Williams (Suicidal Tendencies) Dead - All he wanted was a pepsi

    Suicidal Tendencies Bassist Tim Williams Dies - Blabbermouth.net Long-running Venice Beach, California thrash/punk band SUICIDAL TENDENCIES has released the following statement: "It's with complete sadness that we have to announce the passing of bassist Tim 'Rawbiz' Williams. "Tim played bass...
  8. StrungOut

    Reducing pull/chin up bar knurling

    Anyone have a work around for this? Trying to get around filing it down and repaint it, don't want to file it down uneven. At the moment I just have a small towel wrapped around it. Looking for a better solution to reduce the knurl. Inb4 toughen up, wear gloves. For reference the second picture...
  9. StrungOut

    Meal timing

    I think it is best to eat all your carbs at breakfast with minimum fats but approximately 50% of your daily protein. Dinner with largely fats and some protein. And lunch fills out what else you need for the day
  10. StrungOut

    [Music] Soundwave 2015

    wtf is this shit and summarised perfectly except for using then not than
  11. StrungOut

    Lyle McDonald - Categories of Weight Training

    Categories of Weight Training: Part 1 | BodyRecomposition - The Home of Lyle McDonald Categories of Weight Training: Part 2 | BodyRecomposition - The Home of Lyle McDonald Categories of Weight Training: Part 3 | BodyRecomposition - The Home of Lyle McDonald Categories of Weight Training Part 4 |...
  12. StrungOut

    [Tv] Stephen Amell (Arrow)

    This has been doing the rounds recently. Good to see actors actually holding their own
  13. StrungOut

    [Article] No More RICE

    RICE: The End of an Ice Age | Athletic Medicine TL;DR - Injured areas need inflammation and blood flow containing healing cells to heal the affected area. Icing reduces this
  14. StrungOut

    [Football] AFL Dreamteam

    If people are interested jump in, or is there another going I am not invited to :( http://afldreamteam.virtualsports.com.au/ League Code: 275488
  15. StrungOut

    [Tv] True Detective

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2356777/?ref_=ttmd_md_nm "The lives of two detectives, Rust Cohle and Martin Hart, become entangled during a 17-year hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana." I am two episodes in so far and finding it pretty good. Lots of big name actors making their way to the small...
  16. StrungOut

    [Tv] Banshee

    Anyone else on this as well? I am about 4 episodes in and liking what I have seen so far. Banshee IMDB
  17. StrungOut

    What is the lowest weekly deficit you have cut on?

    Looking at readjusting mine a bit to about -3900kcal and was just interested in what was the lowest anyone has gone without serious impact on strength
  18. StrungOut


    What usenet servers are you guys using? I am on astraweb and was using tweaknews as a backup but that seems to be gone now. Search wise, nzb.su, usenet crawler & nzbgrabit seem to have me covered
  19. StrungOut

    Adjustable Plyometric Box

    Hi guys, Looking at adding one to the home gym. Has anyone used these before and what were your thoughts on them. Looking at the one off the top link which is ~$150 with shipping. Looks exactly the same as the Force USA one in the second link so assuming they are the same Adjustable Plyo Box...