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  1. nobullsupplements

    New gym accessories coming soon!

    At No Bull, we're always looking to improve our service and expand our existing product range. In addition to a new website that will be coming soon (with a heap of new features!) we're releasing a range of gym accessories that will be made by market-leading global manufactures using top...
  2. nobullsupplements

    New tees + Shakers available

    Tees @ $9.99 ea "Bodybuilder" sized - wide shoulders, long sleeves Shakers @ $4-$5 ea -400mL -StayOpen flip cap -GripperBar easy-grip design -BPA free NBS Accessories: No Bull Supplements Australia - Australia's fastest growing supplier of nutritional supplements Our sponsored athlete...
  3. nobullsupplements

    Australia Post prices increase - No impact on No Bull Supplements Australia

    We've had a number of customers ask us over the last week whether we plan on implementing a change to the prices we charge our customers for shipping, following recent price increases by Australia Post. We can confirm that we have no plans to increase our postage and handling prices. We will...
  4. nobullsupplements

    Liquid Stevia Flavouring released

    Hi folks, A quick announcement to inform you that we've managed to grab hold of a fantastic product - flavoured liquid stevia. It's a great natural, calorie-free way to flavour your unflavoured whey protein (which we also stock). Simply add a few drops to your pre-mixed shake and it's good to...
  5. nobullsupplements

    Orders to be shipped by Australia Post

    Hi Ausbb folks, Just a brief announcement to let you know that we'll now be shipping all our orders via Australia Post eParcel. ETA under standard post is generally 1-3 business days (up to 4-5 days for regional/WA customers). We're currently in talks to arrange a good deal for Express Post...
  6. nobullsupplements

    No Bull Supplements Beef Jerky Review

    Hi AusBB's This week we've launched our new product, No Bull Supplements 100% Australian Beef Jerky. Early sales figures indicate that our customers have been just as eager to see the launch of this snack as we have. To give us an understanding of where the product is at and how we can improve...
  7. nobullsupplements

    Jack3d to be banned in Australia

    Jack3d to be banned in Australia? Stay away from DMAA?
  8. nobullsupplements

    All diet customers are losing is their dignity, possums

    Kasey Edwards, in SMH: It's hard not to laugh at Jenny Craig's latest attempt to convince us to buy its products. In the past week, as foreshadowed in the Sydney Morning Herald's PS column last month, the weight loss giant has launched an advertising campaign featuring Dame Edna. But on this...
  9. nobullsupplements

    Insight - Massive Obsession, 29-02-2012

    Your thoughts on this evening's Insight episode. Here's an overview (Massive Obsession: Overview : SBS Insight) How far is too far in the pursuit of the perfect body? Anecdotal evidence suggests that younger and younger men are walking through the doors of gyms, sometimes using fake ID to get...
  10. nobullsupplements

    Low protein diets can lead to weight gain: new study

    Your thoughts? Low protein diets can lead to weight gain: new studyPM - Low protein diets can lead to weight gain: new study 17/10/2011 MARK COLVIN: New research shows that low protein diets lead to overeating. Australian researchers say they've found the first scientifically supported...
  11. nobullsupplements

    We're a nation of fat, sad drinkers.

    We're a nation of fat, sad drinkers, survey finds Australia's becoming a world leader when it comes to being fat. Proud drinkers. Highest ranked country when it comes to depression. Most afraid of getting cancer, dementia and heart disease. Read more: We're a nation of fat, sad drinkers...
  12. nobullsupplements

    Weight Watchers works

    I thought this was a pretty interesting article when I first read it. What do you think about the dieting programs such as Tony Fergusons, Weight Watchers etc? Obesity doctors find Weight Watchers works Overweight people referred by their doctors to Weight Watchers lose twice as much fat as...
  13. nobullsupplements

    Flavoured casein

    We all know the awful taste of calcium/micellar caseinate... Has anyone here tried a flavoured casein supplement? What are your thoughts if you have/haven't?
  14. nobullsupplements

    Homemade "lo-carb" pizza

    Just a quick, 'low-carb' homemade pizza - chicken, olives, mushroom all on a wholemeal tortilla wrap.. with lite mozzarella and a sprinkle of fresh Parmesan. Got the idea off someone else on the forum - turned out great !
  15. nobullsupplements

    Choc-Mint Protein released.

    Hi Everyone, This is just a brief announcement, letting you all know that our long awaited Choc-Mint WPI has been released after 4-5 weeks of testing. We're looking for a few AusBB members to review our Choc-Mint flavour. We've had a few of our customers get back to us with positive feedback...
  16. nobullsupplements

    U.S. Loses AAA Credit Rating as S&P Slams Debt, Politics

    U.S. Loses AAA Credit Rating as S&P Slams Debt, Politics - Bloomberg Standard & Poor’s downgraded the U.S.’s AAA credit rating for the first time, slamming the nation’s political process and criticizing lawmakers for failing to cut spending enough to reduce record budget deficits. S&P lowered...
  17. nobullsupplements

    40 Foods with Superpowers

    40 Foods with Superpowers: Men's Health.com Interesting quick read containing a list of 40 nutritional foods. Here's my favourite! Chocolate Milk Muscle Enhancer Believe it or not, the sweet brown milk you loved as a kid is actually good for you. "Chocolate milk is one of my favorite...
  18. nobullsupplements


    Good evening fellas, Just a quick question on preworkouts - which preworkout do you find effective? Tried jack3d for the first time today - to be honest, couldn't feel the slightest of differences. What do you recommend from long-term experience? We're looking at developing a preworkout and...
  19. nobullsupplements

    Carbon deal tax cuts - What do you think?

    From: Carbo tax package Low and middle-income families and singles pensioners and other welfare recipients are the biggest winners from the carbon price while those on generous incomes will bear almost the full brunt with next-to-no assistance. Unveiled at midday today by the Prime Minister...
  20. nobullsupplements

    No Bull Supplements Australia 48 hour offer, AusBB members only.

    Hi AusBB members, As part of promoting our website launch, No Bull Supplements Australia, all AusBB forum members who make a purchase of $150 or more will automatically become Bronze members simply by quoting 'AUSBB PROMO2' upon checkout. This offer does not extend to promotions for existing...