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    Joint Support

    Like the title says, what do you reccomend for Joint Support?
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    [Article] A Simple But Effective Bodybuilding Technique

    An article on high volume push ups The Daily Fitness Solution Blog: Topic: Bodybuilding - High Volume Push-ups
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    Strength and Endurance Routine

    Some of you might know that I am in the Army Reserve. I am currently waiting for a transfer to the Full-time regular Army. This has led me to think about changing the direction that my training should take. I now want to increase my strength and endurance rather than doing a power lifting/body...
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    [Article] Sugar trap: Critics say Healthy Tick deal too sweet for Heart Foundation to ignore

    Sugar trap: Critics say Healthy Tick deal too sweet for Heart Foundation to ignore | Latest Business & Australian Stock market News | The Courier-Mail
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    Macros for McDonald's - Double Cheeseburger

    McDonald's - Double Cheeseburger Calories: 440 Protein: 25g Fat: 23g - Saturated: 11g Carbs: 34g - Sugars: 7g Fibre: 2g Sodium: 1150mg Cholesterol: 80mg All for $2
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    Rubber Flooring I can pick up in Brisbane

    Does anyone know where I can get rubber flooring in Brisbane? I only need two square metre's to put under the plates for when I do dead lifts. Had a look around on the internet and this is the cheapest I can find: Economy Rubber Gym Flooring Tiles +$20 delivery = $80 delivered
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    Sas's 2012 Body Transformation

    Age: 29 Height: 160cm Bodyfat: Unknown Current Lifts: Squat: 62.5kg Dead Lift: 60kg Bench Press: 46kg 2012 Goals: Squat: 100kg Dead Lift: 100kg Bench Press: 80kg Do a Pull Up/Chin Up Get weight down to 65kg
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    Gunner's 2012 Body Transformation

    Age: 31 Height: 6'2" Weight: 95kg Bodyfat: 15% Current best lifts Squat: 150kg Dead Lift: 160kg Bench Press: 115kg 2012 Goals: Squat: 170kg Dead Lift: 200kg Bench Press: 130kg
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    Non-Perishable Protein Alternatives (for out field)

    Just wanted to get some ideas for when I go out field to keep up my protein. The issued ration pack (ratpacks) are very calorie dense but are mostly from sugars and not alot of protein in them. Whey is an option but can be a hassle because it takes up room in your pack. I've been looking into...
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    Portugese Chicken & Bacon Salad

    This what I've been having for lunch lately. It tastes so good I had share it. I'm not sure if you would call it a salad or not. I guess it depends on how you have it. Fresh, cold or cooked. I personally just mix it all together and reheat it as most of the ingredients I have pre cooked in the...
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    The MotoGP Thread

    With the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix on next weekend from Phillip Island, I thought I would start this up. Who else follows the MotoGP? Who's your favourite rider/team/bike, etc. Although I watched on and off for years watching the 500's with my dad growing up, I didn't start following...
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    Where has all the Micellar Casein gone from eBay

    Don't know if anyone else has noticed but there is now only one supplier on eBay selling Micellar Casein. I have been having a look for the last couple of weeks and only Professional Whey is selling it on there and not cheap either. Is there a shortage at the moment that someone might know...
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    Creatine Water Retention

    Does anyone know how long is takes for the water retained in the body from Creatine to leave the body?
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    ORAC Energy Greens from iHerb Seized by Customs

    Just letting you all know that if you order ORAC Energy Greens from iHerb it will be seized by customs. Just had a letter handed to me stating my package from iHerb will be destroyed or I can pay ($42.50) to have it returned to sender. The reason stated is that it contains Reishi...
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    How does this eating plan look for my missus

    As the title suggests, my missus is about to start weight training. How does this eating plan look for her? I reckon her BMR is around 2200 calories so have droped it by 10% to approx 1900 -2000 Calories. Another 10% will be burnt doing weights 3 times a week and 2-3 cardio sessions...
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    Does this look ok

    Apon Rising ORAC Energy greens 6.30am 7am - Breakfast 2 Whole eggs 3 Egg White 1/2 cup oats 1/4 milk 9.30am - Morning Tea 40g WPI/WPC 40g Oatmass 5g Cacao Powder 10.50am - pre/during workout sip on 5g EAA's, 10g BCAA's, 5g glutamine & 1 scoop of Endura (for carbs) 12pm - post workout...
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    Fish Oil Supplement

    What Fish Oil Supplement do you take? I have just started supplementing my Omega 3 intake with Bioglan Super Fish Oil. I am relatively new to supplementing omega 3 as I have been eating fish everyday. I chose the Bioglan Super Fish oil because it has a higher value of omega 3 compared to...
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    Hydrolysed Protein Powders

    Hi all, I did a search and couldn't find anything threads about this. I was wondering what you guys thought of Hydrolysed Whey products like: BNRG Proto Whey ON Platinum Hydrowhey I am currently taking ON 100% Whey Gold Post Workout and was thinking about trying the Hydrolysed Proteins...
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    Protein/Carb/Fats required

    Hi, I have recently just started doing weights again & I need some help with sorting out my nutrional intake. I have gone from doing heaps or strength & endurance (boxing) cardio workouts with a little weights afterwards to mainly only doing weights. Taking into account I am 85kg @ 11% body...
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    Fat in bed time meal

    Someone once told me that having a high fat meal with your protein in your pre bed meal was really good for you. Any thoughts?