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Search results

  1. D1cko

    any whisky drinkers?

    Collection slowly building. Took a hit at my last whisky night.
  2. D1cko

    Post up what you are eating

    Good day today. Love the sushi train!
  3. D1cko

    Show us your Home Gym

    Equipment: Okie deadlift bar ABC bop power bar Force USA bar Gym direct trap bar Power rack Body solid commercial incline bench Force USA oly Dumbbell handles 400kg+ of gym direct colour bumpers Over 80kg cast 5kg plates for Dumbbells Gym direct weight tree Assorted boxes, bands, tyres and a...
  4. D1cko

    Deadlift bars

    Just chasing options on deadlift bars. I plan to compete in GPC and turns out someone wants to buy me a barbell. Who's used both Okie and Texas bars. Why would you buy one over the other? Cheers.
  5. D1cko

    General Powerlifting Programs- Personal Reviews

    I thought I'd start a thread where we could review a program based on our own personal experiences. There's no right or wrong reviews, just opinions and sharing what worked and what didn't.
  6. D1cko

    Mark Bell slingshot

    Only worn about half a dozen times, as new. XL. Make an offer or swap for used 3XL slingshot. Located in Perth
  7. D1cko

    The Freediving/spearfishing thread.

    This forum has nearly every other interest so I thought if see if anyone else out there shares this same passion. I've done the Stage A free divers course where we were trained to increase breath holds, and get to the bottom in 20m. I look forward to taking the stage B course one day. I free...
  8. D1cko

    Some advice on new plates and a bar

    Well after nearly 2 years of training, I'm more serious than ever and it's not something I'll ever give up. Having also shacked up with a woman who has the same passion for lifting, I'm going to splash out a bit and upgrade all our gear. Bars: I'm thinking an ABC power bar, but maybe a...
  9. D1cko

    The Bacon Thread

    I've finally done it, proved that bacon goes with everything...even ice cream, complete with sprinkles and choc sauce :)
  10. D1cko

    How to wrap your knees?

    I'm about to start wrapping knees every now and then for my training.. Can someone knowledgeable (sticky, von?) show me how to wrap my knees SAFELY? I've youtubed a couple methods but wouldn't mind hearing opinions from those on here... I have 2.5m wraps Cheers
  11. D1cko

    CBL- should I cut the prep phase short?

    I've just finished day 6 of the prep phase and I've probably lost about 4-5kg so far. I've only done 2 hit sessions and it was mostly interval running Thing is, I never got any of the shit feeling that it says you're supposed to...I have honestly never felt better, and am mentally on the ball...
  12. D1cko

    Loss of strength due to cutting

    Hey peeps, need a little guidance here I'm cutting at the moment, averaging around 0.5-1kg a week. Ive got around 6kg to go.... Stoked with the visual results but my strength has suffered considerably, and today I failed a 170kg squat, something I repped consistently during smolov... I accept...
  13. D1cko

    No second year blues- Dicko's 2013 Transformation

    Will be continuing to train purely for strength but hopefully I see my body re-comp showing through a little more this year. Stats Age: 29 6'4" (193cm) 113kg Best lifts- 200kg squat/110kg Bench/242.5kg Deadlift
  14. D1cko

    Post up what you are eating

    Smolov has increased my appetite massively. .. not even counting and I've maintained weight. ..2000+ for breakfast is a good start :)
  15. D1cko

    Running is stupid...

    I need some general advice on knees... I have started running to get a bit of fitness in addition to my strength training. I also thought I'd like to give tough mudder a crack. Trouble is, my left knee gets so painful...it's probably a combination of past football, and me being rather heavy...
  16. D1cko

    Dicko 2012 Body Transformation

    Update pic this morning, slight focus on delt and arm hypertrophy and lots of pulling. Forearms look a little better, down to 111kg and forearm vascularity is awesome, starting to see in biceps, chest/shoulder and quads too.
  17. D1cko

    Post up what you are eating

    Mrs Parma...awesomeness right there
  18. D1cko

    Gyms close to Melbourne CBD for one off entry's?

    Hey people, I'm staying Melbourne next weekend and don't really want to miss two particular sessions of my training. Anyone a member of, or know of a good gym for me to visit?? Cheers
  19. D1cko

    the what u saw at the gym TODAY thread

    I saw.....nobody except me! Happy days :p