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Search results

  1. jchen

    We're all thinking it..

    Well done to everyone for a solid effort through 2012. Happy new year and I hope everyone is super motivated for 2013.. We're all thinking it.. Who's the champ?
  2. jchen

    jchen's beastmode 2013 transformation

    Weight: 208lb
  3. jchen

    Casey Viator

    Probably in my top 3 bodybuilders of all time. Casey Viator (born September 4, 1951 in Lafayette, Louisiana [1]) was the youngest ever AAU Mr. America - gaining the title at the age of 19 in 1971. He trained under the guidance of Arthur Jones for ten months prior to the Mr. America contest at...
  4. jchen

    Teen killed at 'Project X' inspired party

    A spring break party which was meant to emulate the hit movie 'Project X' turned deadly after several revellers fired guns as police shut it down. A teenage boy, who has not been identified, died from multiple gunshot wounds in the early hours of yesterday morning. The rave at a Houston...
  5. jchen

    AAS and chemists.

    Are steroids classed as an authority required prescription drug in QLD?
  6. jchen

    Markus Ruhl - 2 years to 10 years

    Training 2 years in the first photo, the next one, ten years later.
  7. jchen

    Robby Robinson - A true legend.

    I was bought a poster of Robby for Christmas as a present and it arrived damaged. I emailed them asking if I could purchase another as the original that was sent was destroyed upon arrival. One of his customer service guys emails me back saying, just pay half the shipping and we will send...
  8. jchen

    Jchens Transformation

    Jchen Age: 22 Height: 6' Weight: 241.5lb as of this morning Squat: 180 Bench: 130 Dead: 220 Goal: Get lean and get into the best shape of my life by 31st December 2012.
  9. jchen

    Genetics, this guy has the best IMO.

    Yes he has terrible gyno, check these genetics though. I present, Peter Molner.
  10. jchen

    For the brothers in the projects.

    you pussy clats Nutrex Underground - Zack Khan's Road to Recovery - Blog Entry #71
  11. jchen

    I ate shit hard!

    basically was bombing a big hill on a skatey, right at the bottom started to get hectic speed wobbles, stuck it for ages but just got so bad they flicked me off. head first straight onto my stomach into a gutter. would have been going 30-40km/hr, didnt get knocked out but i knew i was in...
  12. jchen

    Get lined up, everybody else GET THE F U C K out of my way.

    golden. THE WARRIOR SHOW w I SEE STARS Episode Two (Teaser) - YouTube
  13. jchen

    Glute Max getting 'too' big from back squats?

    Is it just me, or do some of you guys think your ass is getting huge from squatting. My dieting has come to halt so right now I am at maintenance and I feel like my ass is getting bigger. I have gone from squatting once a week to 3 times a week on a whole body routine and people are calling...
  14. jchen

    2011 inba natural universe

    I'm sure some of the brissy guys know about this, for those who don't, its on this Sunday , the 23rd at Sleeman Sports Centre, Chandler. Will be a good day, I would suggest you go down and check it out. Best in the country for nattys and im sure they will have there bench comp, stores and some...
  15. jchen

    Promo codes for ausbb members

    Are there any out there? Namely BulkNutrients? Do you guys give a discount to AUSBB members?
  16. jchen

    This just had to be shared..

    It sends shivers down my spine. INCREDIBLE ‪ed corney‬‏ - YouTube
  17. jchen

    Big Bad Wolf

    This dude, is FUCKING STRONG. think he said he was 211 pounds at 5'8''. claims to be a natty. been training for 2 years. m_dfsGz7x7U
  18. jchen

    Bodybuilding Doco's

    So I thought we should have a thread where members can post links to either streamed videos or links to torrents for bodybuilding or similar documentaries they have watched. I haven't seen anything like this on here before (although i didn't search). I will kick it off just finished watching...
  19. jchen

    Food Poisoning - How to start to eat properly again?

    Might be a weird question but after having a farkkkking terrible bout of food poisoning sunday night , which has only just started to settle today, I am wondering when I will be ready to eat normally again? I only ask as a mate who trains pretty hard said he had the same thing, stupidly ate...
  20. jchen

    Part Time Work? Brisbane

    Guys, Any body have or know of any part time work going in Brisbane. Really really need at least 2 full days a week because I study full time, even 1 day a week would be fucking awesome. I have my blue card (working with children), white card (construction safety?), pretty clued up about a...