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Search results

  1. Caino

    Do You Force Yourself To Eat?

    I took a selfie today please critique me wise drunk one On topic though, its a real MENTAL struggle eating so many carbs, Fuck id destroy more (300gramms) daily but vanity and a severe past eating disorder dont help
  2. Caino

    Protein powders cheap!!

    So i forgot to post this up in this forum, 1.look at pic 2.ask for price 3. sold is the 2kg iso100 but i have the 1.3kg still in stock Far cheaper then GNC and most about 10-30 buks cheaper then ebay
  3. Caino

    Grays Online - Protein Sale - Today

    So will I lol, lads here is a better pic of what I have got pm me what you want or just write it here
  4. Caino

    Grays Online - Protein Sale - Today

    Sooo uhhh lads i wasnt lieing
  5. Caino

    Post up what you are eating

    Went to lazy moes the other night, holy fuck this pic does no justice to the size of this chilli con carne was like 15 bucks too! Entree was 10 bucks and it was chicken satay with rice was as big as a "normal" main
  6. Caino


    Thats nothing compared to seeing a father straddling his son hahah you wouldnt belev it unless you seen it
  7. Caino

    Quest Bars!! The Ultimate Brotein Bar

    Fuck thats a score for you man, id stock up, but still its cheaper with discout, no one else likes it but 2 of my favs are the old school peanut butter jelly andddddd peanut supreme is spot on!! No one else likes it! I just smashed a white choc rasberry, fuck there good too, so many options lol
  8. Caino

    Quest Bars!! The Ultimate Brotein Bar

    Thoughts on these lads? Im fuckin hooked! And look at this new flavor!! Whats all your fav flavores? Id be happy to review all of them as ive got every flavor!! shit just got real Also random plug in but if one wants to buy them off iherb.com thats where you will get them cheapest.
  9. Caino

    MELBOURNE sled/prowler powder coated

    Make an offer guys over 120 might wanna change colour lol
  10. Caino

    Looking for oly lifting club/coach 3192

    hey guys im in the cheltenham area in Victoria, i have looked around for some clubs, it looks as though there full at the moment, does anyone know of any garage gyms around or people around the area for OLy lifting??
  11. Caino

    How Low Can your T go?

    Hey guys long time lurker on here, been having problems with my T for a few years now im 23 and 70kg healthy, For the forst time the other day i tested my T at 2pm compared to a usualll morning test and it came back a non existant 1.2mmol ref range (8-18mmol) question is, how low can it drop...