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    Brandon Lilly Seminar

    Really rapt to announce Brandon Lilly will be holding a seminar at Muscle Pit on Sunday the 18th of August 2013 at Muscle Pit. Brandon is the creator of The Cube Method. He has totalled Elite in 5 weight classes in gear and another 4 weight classes raw (220, 242, 275, 308, and SHW gear, and 220...
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    (Perth)Pair of 32kg adjustable Kettlebells for sale

    I have a pair of Ironedge 32kg Adjustable Kettlebells for sale - hardly used and still have original boxes $320 ono ( allen keys and spanner also included). PM me if you are interested
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    Muscle Pit - Pitside at Perth's Strongest Gym

    Hi Everyone We get a lot of enquiries at the Muscle Pit (or just “ the Pit”!) from people wanting to know what we do and how we train there so after speaking with Henry Day who owns and runs the gym I thought I would start a thread about what is happening at Perth’s strongest gym. Henry will...
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    Wild West Shootout - Novice Comp

    Earn your spurs at the Wild West Shootout Comp on Sunday the 14th October. Here is the chance to put all that training to good effect and test yourself on the platform whether you are a novice or veteran. I will post up the entry fee, location and start times closer to the date. Full...
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    Training Partners

    I notice a lot of people training in the gym on their own (I have always trained as part of a group at Musclepit) and was wondering what peoples thoughts are on whether it is better to train alone or as a group (or with a training partner). I have always acheived more training as part of a team...
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    Ammonia Smell

    Something that I have noticed lately is a very strong ammonia smell coming from my t-shirts after training. Normally I take my t-shirt off straight after my training session and dump it into my gym bag. When I take the t-shirt out the next day (yes I know I should take it out as soon as I get...
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    W.A Powerlifting Competition

    2012 Master Blaster Novice and State Qualifier When: Sunday 1 April 2012 Where: Musclepit Gym 25 - Crawford Street Cannington If you are going to enter please notify Henry or Ross by Wednesday 28 February on 0401 579 419 and 0408 359 513 respectively Please see attached poster for details
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    Sumo's 2012 Transformation

    Goal - to get to 78-80kg by the end of the year at 15% body fat (pretty ambitious I know but will be interesting to see what happens) Age - 44 this year (in the prime of my youth but not sure what that creaking noise is when I train) Measurements (in centimetres) as at 08/01/2012 Weight -...
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    W.A CAPO Deadliest Deadlift Comp

    The Musclepit is running a deadlift comp see below for details: · ITS ON!! · Deadliest Deadlift & Bench Comp is being held on Sunday the 4th of Dec 2011 at Muscle Pit, 25 Crawford Street Cannington... · · Weigh-in 9.30am to 10.30am Comp Starts 11am Sharp. · There will be a rep out...
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    Whats the best training programme for strength

    Great artice on the musclepit website written by Henry Day if you are struggling to make sense of what is the best way to train for strength this is a must read - George Okunev has also written a great article on never saying no to a lift out in the bench Articles | Muscle Pit Website
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    Andrey Malanichev

    There are still spots left for the Andrey Malanichev seminar at the musclepit on Saturday 15th October. This is an awesome opportunity to learn from one of the strongest powerlifters on this planet. Please see the Musclepit website for details and contact Henry Day or George Okunev. Tickets are...
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    W.A Novice & Improvers Comp Sun 16 Oct 2011

    Hi Everyone The Musclepit (25 Crawford Street Cannington) is holding a Novice and Improvers Powerlifting comp on Sunday 16th Oct 2011 at the gym. Here is the perfect opportunity to have your first go in a powerlifting competition and see what all the fuss is about. You will also get to see...
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    CAPO WA State Titles

    The CAPO WA state titles will be held on Sunday 29th May 2011 at the Musclepit (25 Crawford Street Cannington). We are looking at a start off time of 10.00am but I will keep this post updated with any changes. Competition is raw and equipped. Please note that raw is belt and wrist wraps...
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    Raw Elite

    I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on what the totals should be for Raw Elite. After getting some thoughts from Markos and Iron Alliance I had looked around on the Internet and there are a lot of different opinions. By Raw I am thinking of ProRaw standards.