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Search results

  1. legalattorney

    ABC BARBELLS... need some gurus..

    Hey guys, im looking at this.. http://www.australianbarbellco.com/barbellsPublic/dms/Downloads/Brochures/BARBELL-DIMENSION/BARBELL%20DIMENSION.pdf and through the whole thing, i can see that the 'power bar' ABC is an olympic barbell... not a 'power bar' in the sense of powerlifting.. a)...
  2. legalattorney

    help on squat form

    1. i do not have a video but will explain 2. Last week, i squatted 170kg 5 x 5 (last set actually got to 6 reps) Now, I haven't been able to bust through the 200kg mark yet 3. My weakness showed through this set of squats. When approx. in the 3rd set onwards, lower back fatigue/weakness...
  3. legalattorney

    Time to create a proper strength gym in adelaide.

    http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/event.php?eid=187854647910442 <<<< LINK to the event on facebook, join if you are keen. For the past few years, there has been a continuing need for a proper strength/powerlifting gym in adelaide. Clearly, gyms in adelaide do not cut it, whether it be...
  4. legalattorney

    question about 50 rep / 100 rep squats

    hey all. has anyone tried 50 rep / 100 rep squats? if so, are there any benefits for doing say 100 reps instead of 50 reps? just got an inckling from 20 rep squats.. would there be any positives in terms of your 1rm? and any ACTUAL experience would be helpful..