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Search results

  1. ink81

    GHR Substitute Ideas?

    I was in the same situation as you. No GHR at the gym, wanting to actually be able to do at least 1 lol. What I started doing is using the back extension like the one in the picture, sliding the hip pads as low as they go, start by placing 5 x 20kg plates underneath the back to get the tilt...
  2. ink81

    LF Positive Points for gym to purchase Powerlifting Equipment

    My gym is currently in the process of a large expansion and I talked to the Manager about getting some proper powerlifting equipment. He's asked me to write an email to the Owner explaining why. Looking for help with the positive side of purchasing some PL gear, ie Monolift, Comp Bench...
  3. ink81

    GPC Nationals 2014 Hotel Chancellor

    Would love to do a full write up but it would be about 20 pages long. Too many impressive lifts to list. So I'll just link a few that I took video's of. Missed plenty also. Props to Scott and Tish for putting together such an awesome comp. The atmosphere was rediculous all 4 days. Bring on...
  4. ink81

    Derek Kendall 1005 lb Squat

    looked like speedwork......
  5. ink81

    BB.com Misc Bench Press Comp

    With all the talk of Benching lately, competition has just come up on BB.com. Would be good to see a few Aussies put some entries in. Give it a go :) http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=160084391
  6. ink81

    Andrey Malanichev bout to open on 435kg Squat

    Powerlifting Championships 5.-8.12.2013 on Livestream He skipped first round, still warming up. Won't be long
  7. ink81

    Reality of Drug Abuse! - George Leeman

    Side effects of steroid abuse....looks painful. George Leeman, one of the best deadlifters around. VaHO1vXHsO0
  8. ink81

    Maryana Naumova (14yo Girl) Benching 122.5kg

    This chick is insane, big things to come from her in the future imo. 14yo - 122.5kg(270lb) Bench 9w-8QtLNAdE
  9. ink81

    Powerlifting Chains

    Have been looking to incorporate chains into my routine for some time now, guess I've just been too slack, and been looking around for cheaper ways of making a set. Found these on Ebay. Does anyone think they can be made for cheaper than this? I've been to a few hardware stores and none of...
  10. ink81

    Stan Efferding Breaks 2300!

    Stan Efferding just broke 2300lb Raw at 275. A record that has stood since 1972 and became the first lifter to total over 2300 at 275. True Beast. _9x3x9t2Xgg
  11. ink81

    SuperTraining Gym Meet Live

    SuperTraining.TV on USTREAM: F**k it! We'll do it live! The live SuperTraining.TV channel...from Super Training Gym -- The Strongest Gym in the West!. Othe... Good to watch, Brandon Lilly, Chad Smith, Stan Efferding lifting, as well as Scott Mendelson attempting to break his own WR Bench today.
  12. ink81

    Earthquake Bench Bar

    Anyone ever seen one of these? Came up in my youtube thread, looks hilarious, don't know if it would actually be effective for increasing gains though. yWybDN10WJw
  13. ink81

    Eric Spoto 700lb Bench at Animal Cage

    Can't believe how easy he made this look. _1Wq_RHKi4Y
  14. ink81

    Arnold Raw Powerlifting Live Feed

    3 days of powerlifting, and animal cage! USAPL Arnold 2013 on USTREAM: 2013 ARNOLD SPORTS FESTIVAL INVITATION Promoted by: USA Powerlifting Federation USA Powerlifting invites members from the USA...
  15. ink81

    Training at PTC Brisbane

    Got off the flight to Brisbane yesterday and headed straight to PTC gym with my brother. Been looking forward to the experience to lift in a real power lifting gym and Scotty didn't disappoint that's for sure. Nice guy who had nothing but time and knowledge to share with us. Cleaned up some...
  16. ink81

    Gym Singlets

    Hey all. Just wondering if anyone knew of a site that sold good quality gym singlets, preferably with some type of lifting slang printed on them. Lately my gym's being overrun with ASN and MN singlets so looking for something different.
  17. ink81

    Inzer Forever Lever Belt

    Hello, been doing some searching and have found that it's nearly impossible to find anywhere in Oz that distributes Inzer belts and the shipping from US is more than the belt itself. Wondering if anyone knows where in Oz I could get one from (if there is) or a good site from the states that...