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    FREE SHIPPING $60+ Orders!

    Hey everyone! Great news - we're celebrating our 6th birthday today and this week we are lowering the free shipping threshold to $60. So order $60 or more and we'll ship to anywhere in Australia for free (standard shipping)!
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    5% Referral Program

    A while ago we launched our referral program and have had some feedback. Upon considering suggestions from customers, we have modified it so you now receive 5% of the value (ex GST) of the product purchases made from anyone you refer. This gets credited to your account which you can use on...
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    Egg White Powder over 50% off short-dated stock

    Just a quick note. We have some short-dated egg-white powder available. It's normally $74.70 on the website and we've just marked it down to $30. We only have one tub left at this price, so if you're keen on trying it now's the time! Egg White Powder | Egg Albumen Protein Powder | 1kg
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    Chef Jays Cookies Promo!

    We've just announced a big promo - we're giving away lots and lots of Chef Jay's cookies. If you haven't tried them, do yourself a favour and grab one for free! So here's the deal: For every $75 spent in your order (before shipping), we will throw in a packet of Chef Jay's Cookies (2 in a...
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    Brand New PVL, VPX, SAN, AST Additions!

    Hi guys/girls - we've just added a whole new range of products to the store to provide you guys with more variety. Here are the latest additions: VPX NO Shotgun 644g VPX NO Synthesize 588g VPX Redline RTD PVL Hydroflow XP3 Protein Powder 3kg PVL Lean Gain XL2 2kg SAN V12 Magnum 1.17kg AST...
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    Protein Powders Minus the Artificial Sweeteners Review

    I've just published a comprehensive review on our two top selling natural protein powders which you may be interested in checking out: Natural Whey Protein Powder Comparison – Dymatize vs Optimum : Online Personal Training Blog
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    Bulk Supplement Discounts

    We've received quite a few requests for bulk discounting, so we've just introduced it on our website. Very significant savings on many of our supplements for bulk purchases. Some included popular products: BSN NO-Xplode | NO Xplode | 1021g Dymatize Elite Whey 4.5kg Protein Powder Pedometer |...
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    Oats + Protein Cereal

    Dymatize have released a new product which is a protein/oats blend. We haven't got it in stock but are considering bringing it on. My question to you guys - would this be something that you would be interested in buying? Or, would you just use normal WPC/WPI and add it to oats instead? Here's...
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    Even BETTER value from our Supplement Store!

    2 very exciting updates to deliver you guys even more value when shopping with Amino Z! 1. Amino Z T-Shirts have arrived! We now have in stock Amino Z T-shirts. After numerous requests for t-shirts, we decided to have some manufactured. They are top-quality cotton, lightweight and amazingly...
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    Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey has arrived!

    Hey guys, great news - we have just received the brand new Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey in both sizes - the larger tub and smaller tubs. It's the new Optimum - 100% hydrolysed WPI. Been released to rival the other two big hydrolysed WPI's that we sell - Dymatize ISO-100 and the AST Sports Science...
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    BIG Supplement Weekend Specials!

    Hey fellow AusBB members! We have two pieces of exciting news: 1. You can now get free gifts with orders over $100 (dropped from $120). 2. We have some massive specials on popular supplements! FREE GIFTS We have made this much simpler with a 3 tier structure now. Every level you move up, you...
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    Gaspari SizeOn Price Drop!

    Hi guys/girls The Gaspari SizeOn is one of our top selling products and with an increased degree of turnover, we've been able to slash the cost of it from $97 to $79.70 - the cheapest I have come across. So, just wanted to let you guys know about this. Product info at: Gaspari SizeOn 1290g...
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    Optimum 100% Whey Price Drop!

    Hey guys/girls Good news - we've just dropped our prices on two of our top 10 best sellers - Optimum 100% Whey in the 4.7kg and 2.3kg prices. The Optimum is a WPI/WPC mix in a variety of flavours (we have all Aussie flavours in stock at present, except Strawberry in the 4.7kg which just sold...
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    BCAA Powder Going Cheap!

    We have a number of BCAA tubs available that we are trying to move out to clear space for some new stock. So, we have reduced the price to $37 for 340g (bargain if I do say so myself...primarily because this is below cost). Now Foods Branched Chain Amino Acid Powder (BCAA) 340g If you do wish...
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    Shaker Bottles Now Available

    Just a quick note to let you guys know that we now have shaker bottles available for $4.47 each. They have arrived today. Shaker Bottle | Protein Shaker Bottle | Bodybuilding Shaker Bottle We have also added them to our "free gifts", where if you spend $200 or more, you can throw in a free...
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    Protein Bars Now Available @ Amino Z

    Katie, I know you're going to be happy with me :) It's been a while coming, but I finally managed to source out a top selling protein bar which we now have in stock: Labrada Lean Body Protein Bar | Hi-Protein Energy Bar We have the "chocolate rocky road crunch" flavour in which is the best...
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    16 Hour Store Sale - Today Only on Best Sellers!

    Good morning fellow AusBB members! We have four massive specials on our top sellers for today only (until midnight). Please note - all specials end tonight at midnight! You have approximately 16 hours to secure your order at the lowest prices in Australia! Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey...
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    Latest New Products at Amino Z

    We've been expanding our product range quite a bit lately, so I thought I'd share the news on the latest products to hit the shelves: Thermolife T-Bol Strength Testosterone Enhancement Formula This is a really popular one over in the states and is growing quite a bit in Australia as well with...
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    New Dymatize Supplements at AminoZ.com.au

    We just got in the creatine today, but we ordered in 2 new products: Dymatize Nutrition Elite Complex 2.2kg Protein Powder Dymatize Elite High-Protein Cereal 7 Packets That cereal I have never tried personally, but it seems to have had good reviews and is quite popular, so I thought we'd get...
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    Supplement Store Promotion - tonight only!

    We are running a promo for all AusBB members until 11.59pm tonight. Order over $150 worth of product and in checkout, add the following comment: "AUSBB FREE SHAKER PLEASE!" We will throw in a free shaker for you! (Of course, all of our other rewards and free gifts still apply!) Online...