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Search results

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    Warm Ups

    What do people do. I've always thought they were overrated. Animals seem to do fine without them. We never evolved to have to warm up and or stretch for 30 min before the lion or bear was allowed to chase us. At footy I always either avoid or half ass the warm up. Coach calls me over and...
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    Raw milk

    1 kid dead and a few others sick from drinking bath milk, which is the way people get around it being illegal to sell raw milk. This is why there are laws like this. To protect morons form their own stupidity.
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    Post up what you are eating

    This just shows you are reading information off a dodgy website not coming from actual knowledge on topic. The grass fed movement in full of crap. Also the idea that small farms treat animals better or it's better to have food from small farms than large corporate farms has no realisation in...
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    Post up what you are eating

    5 toasted cheese. Ran out of bread.
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    Extending wifi

    Question for the computer experts here. Is it possible to extend the wifi from my house to a couple of sheds roughly 200-250 meters from my house?
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    Anyone not want kids?

    Been talking about this of late with the missus. Thoughts?
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    Neck work

    Seem to keep hurting my neck playing footy this year. Any ideas on neck strengthening? Do the rugby guys do any specific neck stuff?
  8. B

    Leg Press

    Been using the leg press rather than squatting because I can actually do it without fucking my knees at the moment. Feel it working my quads a lot more than squats which seem to work my arse and back mostly as well as killing my knees. What rep and set ranges do the bodybuilding focused guys...
  9. B

    Young Athlete Deaths

    I see a MMA fighter just died from heart attack at 30. As much as people on bodybuilding forums like to say its not a risk there seems to be a massive over representation of people dying very young in sports at risk of steroid abuse.
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    New tablet

    Laptop died and want to replace it with a tablet. What options do I have for a tablet that will be compatible with all the normal windows programs.
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    Post up what you are eating

    T bone steak about to be cooked for lunch.
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    Overhead press thread

    Basically just a thread to spread the love for overhead pressing. I find a big strict press much more impressive and a better judge of upper body strength than a big bench. Plus it gives you big wide shoulders. What numbers are people putting up? Anyone hit over BW strict press? What have...
  13. B

    Reverse grip bench

    Interested in opinions on this exercise for bench assistance or muscle growth?
  14. B

    Protein Powder

    I am almost out of wpi and need some more. I hate the taste of every protein powder I have ever had. Are there any out there that are bearable? Pretty much every protein powder is ok for the first shake or two then just tastes terrible.
  15. B

    looking for good supplements

    You don't need any supplements. Save your money and just work hard at the gym.
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    Trap Bar Deads

    Had a play with these the other day. What are peoples thoughts on them? Have read some people say its more like a squat than a deadlift but I didnt notice that. I seem to feel it a lot in my back especially lower back and lats. Which is strange because a lot of the negativity towards it is...
  17. B

    Adjustable dumbells

  18. B

    Knee sleeves

    What knee sleeves do people here use. Used TKs for over a year and they are good but was keen on something thicker. Got some Titan ones and they were great, thick and easy to put on but they fell apart after about a month and a half of use. What else is there.
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    Flat Bench

    I've realised that i don't really enjoy doing flat bench. I'm not that good at it and it just always feels unnatural to me. I've decided why waste time on lifts I hate when there are so many other good exercises out there to do. Other exercises that are similar that just seem to click better...
  20. B

    Pat Mendes

    Just come across this http://m.whig.com/default.aspx?pid=2705&wnfeedurl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.whig.com%2fstory%2f17462720%2fus-olympic-hopeful-banned-for-hgh-use%3fclienttype%3drssstory