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    Programming advice

    I need some help with a template now that I have pretty much exhausted regular progression where I add weight to the bar every session. I won't post numbers because they're soft but my training generally looks like this. Mon: Squat, OHP, lat pulldowns. Tue: Bench, bent rows, bicep curls, tri...
  2. O

    recurrent trap pain.

    Something that's bugged me for a few years and I got a dose of it yesterday, hoping for some advice on treatment/preventative methods. Its some sort of trap injury. Symptoms: Head feels "heavy", movement restricted up/down and side to side with tightness and pain. Hurts more at the upper end...
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    bulk nutrients, choc WPC

    Hey all, Figured I'd post up my thoughts on the Bulk Nutrients Choc WPC sample i received. Im really not a supplement connoisseur so i apologise in advance if its not as descriptive or informative as some of the other reviews. Postage/customer service: First sample disappeared in the post...
  4. O


    Skinny guy checking in. Plan to read about 100 times as much as I post unless its in a thread where my stupidity wont easily be apparent with respect to the subject matter. - Age-37 - Gender-Male - Location-Melbourne. - Training experience (if you have any that is)-Not much, physical job...