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  1. A

    Exercise books

    The barbell prescription. Sullivan & Baker SS basic barbell training. Rippetoe Practical Programming. Rippetoe & Baker $20 each or $50 for the lot. Will post at your expense. Books are in perfect condition. Moving overseas and have to eliminate some items lol. Sent from my HTC 2PS5200 using...
  2. D

    Airmill sale sale sale ! ! !

    Hey Yall, Keeping you posted ON FLEX HOT DEALS RRP $1,795.00 $1,295.00 WAS $1,495.00 SAVE $500.00 (28%) Only 5 Left! REMEMBER ALL AUSBB MEMBERS TAKE A FURTHER 10% OFF AUSBB = $1165.50 PM MYSELF OR JAYZ FOR ORDERING OR canningvale@flexequipment.com.au
  3. B

    2015 Ausbb Transformation contest - $150 & $50 vouchers to be won..

    If you've missed it, apart from taking home with you the total prize pool, you'll also be in the chance to help yourself at anything you like in our range with a $150 or $50 voucher. Full details here: http://ausbb.com/showthread.php?t=29006 Good luck to all entrants! - Bulk Nutrients.
  4. A

    Whats the cheapest way you would set up a home gym?

    ok Ausbb , you have a budget of $500 to throw together a budget home gym , what would you buy
  5. B

    Christmas Packs at Bulk Nutrients $50

    Christmas Packs Available $50 Hi Guys, We are offering some Christmas Packs from here until Christmas. These packs include: 1kg flavoured WPC 250g Pre Workout NT 1 x Shaker 1 x Recyclable Bulk Nutrents Bag All for $50 flavours of products are of your choice. They are great value for...
  6. C

    Amino acids/ BCAA

    I just bought some Musashi ni-nourishment BCAAs powder, i found when mixing with liquid it didn't mix and actually floated on top. is this normal?