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  1. Shrek

    Arnold Attacked

    Breaking: Arnold Schwarzenegger FLYING JUMP KICKED by attacker at sports Festival in South Africa. https://www.facebook.com/227484147317544/posts/2373317816067489?s=683992892&v=e&sfns=mo
  2. spartacus

    2018 IPF equipped world champs

  3. WoodyAllen

    Meanwhile, back in Jina......

    Luo Xiaomin. 17 year old at 58kg front squats 135kg for five. Watch it and weep, you crossphuks. https://www.instagram.com/p/BOlrFC1jxaX/?taken-by=larrior
  4. S

    New member

    Hey guys New member here. 34yo male Lifting for 5 years Ballarat, Vic based Always looking for more size and stay lean Love all things fitness and sport. Looking forward to hearing everyone's story, answering questions and asking a heap myself. Say hi [emoji1360]
  5. I

    New Website Launch + Lever Belt Restock

    Hey guys, check out our new website here Let us know what you think! www.irontanksgymgear.com Also, we have a very small amount of 13mm Lever Belts back in stock with our "Tank" buckle.
  6. Goosey

    Sweeneys gym

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweeneys-Gym-Fitness-Centre/132399053456151 in Sydney somewhere
  7. 0ni

    Eric Spoto didn't get his 716 bench. Stan Efferding didn't get his 905 squat

    Eric Spoto didn't get his 716 bench. Stan Efferding didn't get his 905 squat
  8. kaz

    AusBB Book Club

    What are you reading now? Book Reviews Favourite Authors All things books!