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  1. R

    Just BCAA's

    Hi All, Does anyone know where I can get just plain old BCAA's? The ones that are not instantised. Just plain old untasty, doesn't mix well, unflavoured BCAA's. Thanks.

    Clearance Sale Up to 75% Off

    Clearance Sale now live on TP website. https://www.trueprotein.com.au/clearance Massive savings to be had across full range of categories, including protein, carbs and amino acids. Majority of sale items are due to expire November 2015, but with our sealed aluminium lined pouches I'd expect...
  3. R

    Benefits of Amino Acids

    Benefits of Using Branched Chain Amino Acids - BCAA Just to be clear, a thorough understanding of BCAAs, concerning the structure, elements and benefits of amino acids can actually fit in a small book collection. I will give you a little tour on amino acids before telling you about the benefits...
  4. B

    Guide to Amino Acids

    Guide to Amino Acids With the abundance of supplements being touted and introduced in recent times, amino acids have been cast aside and aren't being included in supplement regimen's as much as they used to be. There are thousands of supplements on the market, but few are as underrated as...
  5. M

    Keto dieting and amino acids?

    I'm currently getting ready to start a keto diet, but after reading Lyle McDonald's "The Ketogenic Diet" I still have a few questions regarding protein & amino acid breakdown. I know that Glutamine can be broken down into glucose if the body needs it, but how much glucose can it yield...
  6. R

    Essential Amino Acids?

    hey bioflex/bulknutrients, i was wondering if you'd have any information to when youll have essential amino acids back in stock?
  7. M

    WPC or WPI

    Whey Protein Concentrate or Isolate? What should I use? Whats the difference? About to buy some and would like some advice. Thanks in advance
  8. Christian

    Supplementing Specific Amino Acids & Herbs

    Ok i just wrote something big left the room came back posted it said i wasnt logged in asked me to log in i logged in then it came to this page as blank. ARGH!! :mad::confused::mad: Anyway, we all know how wonderful amino acids are they are the basis for what we do and for life itself and...
  9. B

    amino acids and HGH

    I have been doing some research on how to boost levels of HGH , and have come across a combination of arginine and lysine, there are several different types of arginie, i bought arginine hyrochloride (Musashi) and combineing it with L lysine (Musashi), but my later research tells me arginine...