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  1. D

    Good reading material

    Are the starting strength books worth buying? Anything else worth reading? Thanks
  2. A

    Exercise books

    The barbell prescription. Sullivan & Baker SS basic barbell training. Rippetoe Practical Programming. Rippetoe & Baker $20 each or $50 for the lot. Will post at your expense. Books are in perfect condition. Moving overseas and have to eliminate some items lol. Sent from my HTC 2PS5200 using...
  3. Darkoz

    My best friend

    Recently a member here said that his wife is his best friend, now we've all heard this before mainly in movies, television, talk shows etc. but what does this actually mean and what does it say about the bloke who says it. For me, a wife is a wife and a friend is a friend, you don't have sex...
  4. R

    Great books

    I highly recommend anyone who trains for strength,speed,power, and size, to get onto basbarbell.com and purchase two books from the site, bas barbell book of programs and train like an athlete, both are cheap and full of a wealth of knowledge and programs for anyone.
  5. catspurr


    Any girls, or ladies here who have the passion on reading books, I would love to hear from you as I am an avid reader as well. :) -Catspurr
  6. L

    old body building books

    sandows book Strength & How to Obtain It - By Eugen Sandow other books - some direct links to pdf below The Golden Age of Iron Men http://www.sandowplus.co.uk/Library/libindex.htm http://www.sandowplus.co.uk/Competition/compindex.htm Maxalding - Welcome Indan book from 1930's...
  7. L

    strongman books

    reprints of the originals including sandow and others Strongman Books | Oldtime Strongmen | Physical Culture sold via amazon.com can get quite a few of these from the net but if you want print copies
  8. P

    Books on Sleep and Healthy Living

    Can anyone recommend me some books on getting better Sleep and Healthy Living?
  9. S

    Lifting & nutrition Books (free)

    Check out the list, If you are keen on any or all Send me your email ill send them. p.s Mods feel to move this thread If you have a more appropriate section.
  10. Z

    Bodybuilding Related Books recommendation List

    I searched around and couldn't seem to find anything like this on the forums so I thought I'd start one up. Basically this is meant to be a list of books that are relevant to the bodybuilding/gym area. I've only just started out so my list of books won't be as long as some of you guys so please...
  11. D

    Good Books On Steroid Use For BodyBuilders?

    Good Books On Steroid Use For BodyBuilders? Anyone know of any good books on the ins and outs of steroids use? The best cycles, stacks,drugs so forth ect. I want to start my first cycle but need good information before i do.
  12. DKD

    Good anatomy books?

    Can anyone recommend any good anatomy books? Suitable for recreational lifters/athletes etc, not med students. I've currently got 3 separate injuries and am booked in to see a sports physio. It occurred to me that I need to make self-education of muscles/tendons/joints a higher priority.
  13. jchen

    Favourite BB books. What's yours?

    Had a quick geez through some of the most recent pages, couldn't seem to see anything on it. If its been covered before.. sorry, if not, what are yours? I love Mike Mentzers books, especially "The wisdom of Mike Mentzer". It contains great information about the mental side of bodybuilding. I...
  14. alex

    Motivational Books

    Hey lads, Long time no post!!! just seeing if anyone has read any motivational books regarding strength training or the alike.... need a bit of a pick me up as of late. any help would be great!!! alex
  15. P

    Olympic Weightlifting books.

    I read on the infamous TNation website once to identify 5 all time best strength training books that best relate to you & read them at least once a year. Of course '5' is an arbitrage number. The idea is to find quality material & stick with it. After all, its much better than trolling through...
  16. P

    Text books

    I had a rant in the supplement section yesterday, and I've made a vow never to go in there again. I cant stand it when people quote text books. If I want that information, I go to Google and look it up. I'm not saying text books arent accurate, its just that I'd rather here your OWN...
  17. D

    Books to Read

    Gaucheharbor wanted to know some good books to read in regards to strength training, if you have any ideas add them up for him. Science and Practice of Strength Training 2nd Ed - Zatsiorsky and Kraemer Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning 3rd Ed - Bache and Earle Strength Training...