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  1. N

    Safety bar length

    Hi, What length safety bars would you be going for on a half rack? Thanks
  2. 0ni

    Thinking of training squats, dips and curls only

    I know its not respected when guys only train certain parts. But really, these are the parts that need to catch up so I was wondering your guys' thoughts on this All that seems to grow is my back and delts. Maybe if I wasn't training them the rest of my body would improve :confused:
  3. S

    Danny Green v Anthony Mundine 2

    The bout will be fought at the catch-weight limit of 83kg, well up from the 76.2kg super middleweight limit from their previous meeting in 2006. If Green can't beat Mundine at 83kg he should leave the Country and never come back. Wonder how many times Green will punch Mundine in the back of...
  4. Shrek


    Who's going to win? The Joker should win the mens. I think the womens is wide open. Serina is chasing 22nd GS. The pressure is getting to her and has lost her last 3 GS finals I'm gonna back Simona Halep @ $22. Just a tenner.
  5. K

    Wtb > iron edge squat stand

    Been looking for another iron edge squat stand to add to home gym , I saw two earlier for sale but never catch the seller on time so willing to try my luck here. ( VICTORIA)
  6. spartacus

    BBC docoJune 2015: 'Catch me if you can'

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a61rS4jN3As great documentary. exposed my childhood hero Allan Wells, and nike aths club where mo farah trains
  7. A

    Shoes for powerlifting

    Been reading up on the best shoes for powerlifting/strength training and just wondering what you guys and gals think are good. Ive heard good things about quite a few such as chuck taylors (probably most common) also heard that raptors from Buy Bodybuilding Clothing, Mens and Womens Fitness...
  8. B

    Where you can catch us "live" so far over Australia in 2013

    Bulk Nutrients will be finalising all show sponsorships for 2013 over the next 4 weeks. We plan to sponsor shows in all federations, continuing our support for the federations we have been supporting for many years now. Today we have confirmed all our ANB shows, we will be: **The naming...
  9. Shrek

    Florida anglers' catch of 25-foot giant squid is a gift to science

    Florida anglers' catch of 25-foot giant squid is a gift to science Catch of the week honors belong to three fishermen who recovered a barely-living 25-foot giant squid off Florida on Monday, and to University of Florida researchers who have collected the remarkable specimen for study and...