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  1. Big Mick

    Photos on this Forum

    Is it possible to upload photos or attach photos straight from my computer without using a third party hosting web site to upload photos from?? As some may or may not be aware Photobucket got greedy and wants to charge users around $500 per year to enable third party hosting, soo you may have...
  2. Darkoz

    Theme form the movie Fifth Element

    The song in the movie The Fifth Element sung by an alien opera singer was computer synthesized as it was thought not possible for a person to actually sing it. This Chinese opera singer with an extraordinary vouce performs it live. Watch it right through. (Sorry I have no idea how to embed the...
  3. WoodyAllen

    Apparently Layla Rivera has a tight box

  4. NightFallTech

    Misc Equipment for sale, gym Equipment, Gaming consoles, computers

    Hi, I've got a few things for sale as I've being trimming my home gym to a sensible size, partly to make space for cycling gear. I'll upload some more pictures shortly and add some prices, but adding this as placeholder for now, let me know if you are interested in anything, for sale I...
  5. A

    Letter to a New Lifter

    Dear PowerLiftingGodLegendKilla37, It’s great to see new people involved in powerlifting. Yes, I saw your motivational memes on Instagram and instructional vids on Youtube, very cool. I also appreciated your advice on my vids, I had no idea that rounded back deadlifts were dangerous. You would...
  6. A

    Can you touch your toes?

    Okay, time for a little fun...step away from the computer! This is a 3-second trial at most... For those of you that can already bend and touch your toes whilst standing, try this variation and post up how you get on. Stand, legs together. Contract/Engage quad muscles. (maintain the...
  7. Jungnaut

    Windoze 10

    I got an invite to upgrade to Windoze 10 pop up on my desktop this morning. I dunno if I should accept? Yay or nay? My monitor isn't a touch screen or anything like that. I am running Windoze 7 right now on a 1 y.o PC, a milf in computer age terms. I guess.
  8. A


    testing hope this works
  9. Headley

    'Food babe' outed

    http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/diet-and-fitness/food-babe-blogger-called-out-for-pseudoscience-20150408-1mggil.html Another day, another "health" blogger exposed. American health blogger Vani Hari (aka "The Food Babe") has been called out for making pseudoscientific claims in an article...
  10. A

    computer code appearing in TV and films and what they really are.

  11. S


    23 years of age, 72kg and 250kg deadlift. Is 0ni our next World Record Holder? 250kg 2nd attempt - YouTube
  12. kaz

    Computer Reformatting

    I want to reformat my laptop to resell. Its pretty old but still works. However I want to completely wipe the drive, it has no viruses or anything its just lagging because of so much shit on it. I have an external drive I save all my files. My laptop never came with discs for Windows but Im...
  13. L

    new R18 rating for computer games in NSW

    expecting most games to now come out as R18+ instead of MA15+ NSW | New R18+ rating for computer games
  14. A

    Computer Help Thread

    Computer Help Thread This has some basic programs to help you solve computer problems. Reading Material Basic Home Computer Security from CERT Secure Your Web Browser Most spyware is installed through...
  15. kindred

    I need a new computer does anyone have any advice?

    My computer is between 6-8 years old has: 2.8GHz processor 2 gig ram state of the art graphics card from about 4 years ago I basically want something that is better at running videos and games and video links that sort of thing. Should i buy a premade one or build my own? If I build it...
  16. G

    [Cycling] Bike Computer with rear view vision!!!

    Sounds pretty nifty...especially for commuters...Rear View Vision might be a distraction though http://www.cerevellum.com/ New generation of bike computer: Rear View Vision GPS Cycle computer Heart Rate Monitor Power Meter Flight Deck
  17. G

    [Cycling] wireless bike computer

    hi ya all i recently just got myself a Trek 3700 mtb , hardtail front suspension a great bike well compare to the old $200 kmart job i used to have , anyway when i getting the bike i decided to get a computer for the bike ,see how fast i'm going , distance traveled etc what range they had ...