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  1. J

    Hi, I am Joshua

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. spartacus

    UFC and contact martial arts for kids

    Just watching Sunday (Channel 7). They have UFC-style fighting for 8 year old kids on Indian reservations in USA. Banned in most US states. As UFC gets bigger, I suppose there will many more parents doing this with kids, and claiming how natural it is for little kids to belt the crap of each...
  3. L

    Google introduces smart contact lens project to measure glucose levels

  4. vonfram88

    Elephant in the room/emperors new clothes

    This topic will canvass views about improving the image of powerlifting whilst also maintaining a satisfactory level of interest in the sport. I proceed on the following assertion; That performance enhancing drugs are used by some athletes who compete in strength sports. A shocking statement...
  5. L

    Used contact lens solution hosts giant virus, ecosystem of parasites

    awesome cheap way to do some biology experiments if you have contacts. Used contact lens solution hosts giant virus, ecosystem of parasites | Ars Technica
  6. T

    Contact details for DEXA in Sydney?

    I want to get a DEXA at the end of the year with a couple of other guys. However, seems like the latest appointments are around 4:30pm, so it makes it difficult to get into the City at that time (Sydney). I've had a few done before when Jarrod was on Oxford St, now moved to Pitt St. He always...
  7. pumpedup86

    Gym Direct contact

    Hey Guys, Wanting to buy my new home setup from Gym Direct who is the contact on this site to speak too??