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  1. Shrek

    ISIS fanatics celebrate Sri Lanka attacks

    Gloating ISIS fanatics celebrate Sri Lanka attacks as revenge for New Zealand mosque massacre as they praise suicide bombers in online propaganda Islamic State supporters are celebrating the Sri Lanka suicide bombings which killed 290 people on Easter Sunday and left around another 500 injured...
  2. S

    Emotional eating.

    If I'm going to come clean, this is a major issue for me and no doubt it's 99.99% of the reason I fail reaching my goals. If I'm training and have a plan, my diet is is great, I plan my meals, I stick to the plan and results slowly follow. Recently I did an injury whilst lifting, I convinced...
  3. T

    Melb - East side training buddy?

    Ayyeee. I was a member here about 6 years ago, and I'm looking to get back into training seriously. I've been lazy AF the last year or so, and I'm garbage at keeping myself accountable. I would love to find a eastern suburbs training pal particularly for morning sessions. Anyone keen? Burwood...
  4. Fadi

    It's not about your feelings, so stop worrying about it

    My training as an Olympic weightlifter back in the 80s, was based on the Eastern Bloc, namely the Soviets and the Bulgarians. Training was methodical, with everything planned one year in advance. There were times when I felt very strong, and capable of lifting more than a particular daily...
  5. kaz

    Daily Cock in a Sock Thread ***NSFW***

  6. A

    Bigger TrapS

    What are your guys favorite/best exercises to build bigger traps?
  7. S

    Easter Blowout and lost weight???

    Since the start of this year have been trying to cut. I'm 98kg, bout 22% BF and have been keeping up the weight training to maintain muscle mass. I've been hitting my macros, taking in the right proportion of protein/fats etc and eat about 2000 cals but have barely moved the scales. My weight...
  8. A

    Happy Easter Ausbb'ers

    Wishing all of our members and supporters a very safe and happy Easter!
  9. harry1970

    20 rep sets

    I've read many times about the benefits of 20 rep squat sets, and I've started adding a set of 20 reppers at around 60% of my 1RM at the end of my squat session. Needless to say they are fucking hard and get a bit messy. Oh well, no pain no gain. Anyway, is it smart/sensible/advised/beneficial...
  10. A

    Happy Easter

    Would like to wish each and every member of Ausbb a safe and enjoyable easter break. Take care out on the roads , spend some quality time with the family and friends
  11. Rugby88

    Easter eating!

    So if your like me you love to eat! lol - and pretty much plan what you will eat when you can... So for everyone who is dieting or pretty much sticks to a diet, what will you be eating this Easter? I think on friday I will go with something like so: Breakfast: Big shake/muscle milk/milk/ice...
  12. A

    Happy Easter all

    i would just like to take the time to wish all the members of Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding a happy easter and a safe weekend take care while out on the roads for those who have been overworked i hope you get a chance to rest and put the feet up for a few days