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  1. Shrek

    Fuck Friends

    I don’t have any for this very reason. Happy to be a loner.
  2. spartacus

    Did anyone watch 5 part series on OJ Simpson

    I though it was a great documentary.
  3. spartacus

    Surfing world tour

    Does anyone watch surfing on foxtel. Massive waves this week at Margaret River.
  4. spartacus

    2015 European weightlifting championships

    anyone watching champs on Foxtel. 63kg Turk lifted 181kg clean and jerk http://www.allthingsgym.com/2015ewc/
  5. Neddysmith

    Foxtel Rapes F1 and V8 Supercar fans....

    Was only just reading this an became aware today that Foxtel have basically taken over V8 Supercars and F1 telecasts this year with Channel 7 only showing about 6 races for the season of V8 Supercars and Channel 10 showing 10 races for F1. Well they can all get fucked, apart from Bathurst and...
  6. spartacus

    Grand Slam Tennis

    nadal v djokovic tonight? I am going for the Serb to end the run.
  7. spartacus

    does anyone watch Mike Tyson series on Foxtel

    Tyson pretty strong, doing 6 plates each side on leg press pretty explosively. I like the series.
  8. B

    Strength sports showing on Foxtel

    Euro weightlifting championships on foxtel euro sports now
  9. P

    European Weightlifting Championships on Foxtel Eurosport from 9 April

    Just a heads up that the European Weightlifting championships is on Eurosport on foxtel in a few weeks time, some sessions live, others not This is awesome !
  10. DKD


    Do you like it, hate it, want to sign up, want to cancel? My main reason for sticking with it is so I can catch the Aussie cricket team on overseas tours. Apart from that I really only watch (occasionally) Inside Edge, Back Page and sometimes the pisspoor Aussie boxing in fkn RSL clubs. My kid...