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  1. Vialli

    Mid Cycle Bloods

  2. S

    Tony Sentmanat - Real World Tactical

    Came across this bloke on Facebook and followed his Instagram account. This bloke is a freak strength and conditioning wise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z_RwyUF6hM
  3. spartacus

    Bodybuilders, please support efforts to get rid of fat gut freaks

  4. Shrek

    "Dexter Jackson Guest Posing At 2016 NPC Shawn Rhoden Classic"

    Fucking freak this khunt. Great condition for a guest pose. https://youtu.be/L1A4Qu5XRwk
  5. Shrek

    "3CC Freak Muscle Show Webcamming(muscle worship)

    G4P...? https://youtu.be/cnq9xsG1MqU
  6. Shrek

    "a trip to golds venice - paulo "the freak" almeida - rich piana"

    "a trip to golds venice - paulo "the freak" almeida - rich piana" https://youtu.be/Z8zSYkGsQDM
  7. Goosey

    Mike Tyson - quick, fast and hard

    I remembered why i liked watching this sport so much. He was the best http://thechive.com/2014/01/03/in-case-you-forgot-this-is-why-mike-tyson-was-the-greatest-boxer-in-the-world-at-one-time-video/?utm_source=FBTraffic&utm_medium=littlemac&utm_campaign=CMfacebook
  8. A

    New mod - white_lie

    It's been quite sometime before we had another mod on the team , to help keep order I would like to welcome @White_Lie ; onto the mod team
  9. A

    CrossFit coach Kevin Ogar suffers freak accident during competition

    A SHOCKING accident during a CrossFit competition has left a former coach unable to move from the waist down. Coach Kevin Ogar was performing a powerlift in a California competition on the weekend when his spine was severed, CBS4 reports. CrossFit has escalated in popularity...
  10. Fadi

    Bodybuilding for construction not destruction.

    Now that’s what it’s all about as far as I’m concerned. Markos has posed a key question that some younger members here might have missed its essence. He asked what you would be doing 20 or 30 years from now. I tend to agree with him but then again we're both old school and look at sport as a...