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  1. A

    3% man

    A friend recently gave me this book to read , it's a pretty good read enlightens you on a few things Any of you peeps given it a gander before ?
  2. Shrek

    Upper Chest

    Can it be built using inclines etc?
  3. A

    What have you done to your bike today

    This is a thread to put all the little things that you do to your bike over the week that isn't worth making a new thread about.
  4. cunniff1981

    Oni 270kg deadlift!

    I saw Oni deadlift yesterday at the strengthquest that I was helping out at. I was very impressed to see him smash out a 270kg deadlift beltless at 75kg (give or take on the body weight). And before people complain oh but it would be one of those Deadlift bars and that adds 60kg to your lift, it...
  5. DKD

    Which exercise has given you most muscle growth?

    Not really interested in theoretical discussion or what Ronnie/Jay do, I'd like to read people's personal experiences. Which exercise best helped you to develop a particular muscle? For example, "couldn't see any gains on chest/back/triceps until I started doing X".
  6. Gauche

    Multi V's

    Hey guys. Been out of the health and fitness land for a year now and I'm wondering what ausbb has come up with vitamins wise as of late. Last time I was active tresos B was popular and cheap. Anyone come up with new suppliers/brands for qaulity multi v's? Anyone still using Tesos B? Anyone...