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  1. Stiff 2G

    Homosexuality and You

    Have you, do you, or have you thought about it. Tell us your experiences.
  2. Shrek

    Generation Iron 2

  3. spartacus

    another terrorist attack in the West (France), could or will it happen here?

    fu...ing scumbags. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/truck-attacker-kills-dozens-in-nice-driver-shot-dead/ar-BBuleiG?li=AAavLaF&ocid=spartandhp
  4. A

    Ultimate Strongman Master's World Championship 2015

  5. A

    kai greene releases a comic book

    p/8kzTDFTV8k Today I showcase to the World, A world that has been Alive in my mind for years. A world I have expressed through my many routines, At times mocked & ridiculed, Not knowing their true meaning of depiction, Through my many sketches in creation, At times to be defined by the outside...
  6. White_Lie

    CT Fletcher - My Magnificent Obsession

    Anyone heard much about this? Saw a few things on Insta about the premiere tonight so just looked it up. Made by the same people that made Generation Iron, it looks alright. Just a bit of a biography I guess. Download is available tomorrow (well 18th in the states), I may buy it as it's only...
  7. A

    Schwarzenegger- Total Rebuild- 1980 Mr. Olympia- OldSchool BodyBuilding Documentary

    Arnold bowed out of the world of professional bodybuilding in 1975 very much on a high. During his decade of dominance (including 6 Mr. Olympia titles) he had re-invented the sport and inspired a new generation of elite athletes to compete in his wake. After his famous 6th title, where he was...
  8. Frogman

    In what world is this for real ???

    I'm sure many of you have better pics .. Synth , oil . and anything else to inject in Bulge .. A whole generation are in to it .. Dumb KUNTZZ!!
  9. A

    Generation LEGACY 2014 (Jay Cutler)

    Jay Cutler has devoted his entire adult life to bodybuilding. He's found success as a pro competitor, a businessman, and an ambassador for the sport. His hard work has made the Cutler name synonymous with "champion." Undoubtedly, Jay's legacy will include the words "one of the greatest of...
  10. Neddysmith

    Hahaha Youtube generation gets whats coming.....

  11. A

    Generation iron australian premiere!

    Generation Iron is set to premiere in Australia on Thursday 6th of March at 7.30pm, which will coincide with FitX 2014 in Melbourne, there will also be a screening on Sunday the 9th of March at 6pm. Following the 2 premiere screenings Generation Iron will be exclusive to Hoyts cinemas...
  12. Rugby88

    Generation Iron

    Any1 have a link to Generation Iron??
  13. A

    Generation Iron Official Trailer

    Generation Iron Official Trailer "Generation Iron Official Trailer (HD) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mickey Rourke Generation Iron examines the professional sport of bodybuilding today and gives the audience front row access to the lives of the top 7 bodybuilders (including Phil Heath, Kai...
  14. S

    Generation Kill

    so yea its a BBC? or somthing C one of those american TV company its a 7 episode mini series each an hour long, i dont think its showing on Aus TV yet, its base on actual event that happened to 1st Recon Marines in the iraq invasion when a rolling stone reporter that was with them i really...
  15. A

    [Cycling] Bike Racks - The Next Generation

    The Airago - combination bike rack and air pump is simple Northern European design at its best