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  1. stanly stud

    any chicks

    any girls on here want to meet a scotsman... show you my kilt:D
  2. Shrek

    Mark Wahlberg

    Juice or no.
  3. S

    Mayweather v McGregor

    So Barry was right and I was wrong - it's happening. I assume because the UFC (Dana White being an ex Boxer) knows Mayweather is washed up so won't make an embarrassment of McGregor and the UFC. Theres a Poll ^^^^ So, who's gunna win? Cum on kunce, get on! @Admin @Shrek @White_Lie; @Goosey...
  4. S

    Gun Amnesty and crackdown due to Terrorism

    Some Politician even calling for us to be allowed to carry non-lethal weapons due to Terrorism Shrek
  5. spartacus

    Explaining Turnbull govt victory: an opinion

  6. Shrek


    There's been a lot of talk in the media lately about Halal certified food. Speculation about the monies paid goes to Islamic groups (terrorists). Should we be made to rat Halal certified food to please a minority group? Should it be kept separate from non halal food in the supermarket such as...
  7. S

    Gun laws in Australia

    Do gun laws in Australia need to be tightened or "loosened?
  8. A

    35 Best Biceps In History

    Welcome to the gun show! Want to know how the best biceps in the history of lifting were developed? Look no further! This feature contains 35 amazing biceps along with workouts. Arnold Schwarzenegger“When I was 15-years-old, I took off my clothes and looked in the mirror. When I stared at...
  9. A

    Roelly Winklaar shows his offseason gains 2013 Gun Show in Curacao

  10. spartacus

    The gun lifers competing at the CAPO nationals

    2012 CAPO Nationals Preview We are looking forward to the National at Albury, NSW, on 25-26 August 2012. We hope that many CAPO members will compete at Albury this year. Here is a list of some of the guns who are likely to compete this year, although we are also hopeful that Derek Boyer and...
  11. macca

    Lifting quotes

    Hey all, I read alot of articles, studies, forums, books and blogs devoted to training. Aswell as spending a decent slice of my time talking shop with other lifter's. As such iv'e read and heard some quality things written and said. My favourite's being comical line's from bro's at teh gym...
  12. A

    Sydney man stabs and kills intruder armed with stun gun

    Sydney man stabs and kills intruder armed with stun gun A WOULD-be home burglar armed with a stun gun has been killed by the homeowner after he attempted to rob a house in Sydney's south west yesterday afternoon. The 30-year-old robber was stabbed...