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  1. Pappy O'Daniels

    Thread describing poor delivery from GymDirect deleted!

    Just a heads up to all members here: my thread about the poor delivery from the seller, who is also a sponsor here, was deleted without explanation. Just thought you guys should know what kind of forum this is.
  2. Pappy O'Daniels

    Thread describing poor delivery from GymDirect deleted!

    I posted a thread accurately describing the poor delivery I received from this sponsor. The thread was deleted without explanation. :mad:
  3. J

    Purchasing weight plates for home gym.

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy some olympic sized weight plates from gymdirect and I've noticed the variety of different sizes (25kg, 20kg). Was curious on what weight configuration do you guys recommend to get? Buy 2x25kg 2x20kg 2x15kg 2x10kg 2x2.5kg 2x1.25kg? Or any other configs you guys...
  4. K

    MM adjustable benches

    Hey everyone, first poster here. I can't decide between http://www.gymdirect.com.au/shop/strength-equipment/benches/adjustable-benches/black-adjustable-flat-to-incline-bench-rating-certified/ and...
  5. R

    Cheap Olympic Barbells from GymDirect

    Hi all, I'm looking into buying an olympic barbell and some plates as it just isn't safe or viable for me to use a standard barbell any longer, and I was hoping to get some opinions or suggestions. I know I should just make the initial investment in a good bar that will last a while but I cannot...
  6. A

    Gym Direct 10% Discount!

    Hi Everyone, To receive the 10% discount on Gym Direct products, simply let us know you're a ausbb.com member when ordering. There is no discount code required. Please send your order to sales@gymdirect.com.au. Please note - No further discount is available for package deal prices (as a...
  7. T

    Review on GymDirect

    I'm always a little nervous when doing a transaction with an unknown company on the internet. I love to research other peoples experiences before I order and like to post my own up when I get particularly good or bad service. Ordered a cable crossover machine from these guys on Tuesday, added...
  8. W

    Cheap Bench

    Hey all, Was looking at gymdirect flat benches, trying not to spend so much and will be kept in the shed, so looking at the cheaper ones of which there is this one: FLAT BENCH for $115, and: Flat Bench _FBEV for $135. What's the difference? To me they both seem exactly the same except the...
  9. N

    Gymdirect Oly rubber coated plate diameter?

    Anyone know the diameter of there 20kg oly rubber coated plates? They didnt reply to my email. Also what are the diameter of powerlifting standard plate? ie; plates used for deads? Cheers
  10. NightFallTech

    gymdirect decline bench / hyper ext

    Hi, Thoughts on this decline bench from gymdirect Foldable Sit Up Bench 45 Degree Hyper Extension Are the angles on this really going to allow me to do semi-decent hyper extensions? ... or should i just stick with the leg hook extension to the iron master bench? Could i manage an...
  11. NightFallTech

    Ironmaster super bench vs gymdirect bench

    I'm looking to get a bench for both dumbbell work and use in a rack once i get one, I have a decline situp bench available to me i'm happy with so i'm really just looking for use as a general flat and incline bench. (I'm planning to go for another decline alternative and will be getting rack...
  12. T

    quickchange dumbbells from gymdirect

    Hey guys I was currently looking at the ironmaster quicklock dumbbells until I came accross another on gymdirect. Obviously its a copy of the ironmasters but it is almost half price. Quick Change Dumbbell 42.5kg x 2 has anyone had any experience with these?
  13. D

    Differences between two companies (GymDirect / GymandFitness)

    Hey So I'm planning on getting a rack in the next few weeks. I've settled on the MMPR rack (there is literally no room for anything bigger, I already have to throw out every piece of furniture in my room except my bed and this barely fits) Gymdirect and Gym and Fitness both seem to have...
  14. J

    Please advice on proposed buy (gymdirect):

    Hi Guys, Been looking though and through these threads and I think i have my equip purchase planned out but id like to get it the all clear from the pros here. MMPR Power Rack with dip attachment MMPR Power Rack Muscle Motion Lat Pull down Lower Pulley Muscle Motion Lat Pull down Lower Pulley...
  15. GoPies

    My setup with stuff mostly purchased from GymDirect.

    Hi All, Wasn't sure where to post pictures of my setup, but since I bought most of it from gymdirect I thought I would post it in here. The gear is all very sturdy, and apart from a few mishaps I have been quite happy with the gear. I think the tolerances and build quality could be...
  16. GoPies

    Equipment - Help me decide

    Gymdirect Pro Squat Rack Hi All, Glad I found the forum as I have a question I am hoping you can help me answer. I intend on getting stuck into gym again after many years of doing not much, I know, I suck. I don't want to go to a gym as I have tried that and I just can't make that commitment...
  17. C

    Which half rack? Powertec or GymDirect?

    Hi Guys, I want to replace the standard bench and bar setup with a power rack so i can do chins and squats all in the same place. I'm thinking of buying one around the $500 mark. I've looked at GymDirect and SamsFitness. Sam's has this one which looks quite nice...