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  1. Shrek

    Sergey Kulaev

  2. V

    Olympia streaming

    Hey guys were is the live stream of the olympia this year Thanks heaps
  3. Shrek

    "Hugh Jackman Training For Wolverine 3 Looking Ripped As Hell"

  4. J

    Is there an alternative to Iron Edge in Melbourne?

    I am after bumper plates with a reasonable weight tolerance (and not so fat you can only fit four of them on the bar) I know that there are places like gym direct which have sets for $500-$700, but you have to order online. The only thing closely similar on Iron Edge is almost $2k. Are there...
  5. D

    Where to start?

    HI All, interesting in trying a pre-workout supplement, but trawling around on here, despite the heaps of helpful reviews, there doesn't seem to be any stand out product. Recommendations? Or is it such a broad area that you just pick one and go with it for a while? Cheers
  6. Jungnaut

    List the Youtube channels you follow right here

    There's heaps of really interesting fitness channels out on the tube these days, which ones do you like to follow and watch to get your daily motivation and entertainment fix? My go to channels are: Supertraining06 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLPy6BEgH1fD3DOgwX-x_Hg Omarisuf...
  7. A

    Heaps of Products at clearance prices!

    We have some absolute bargains in our Super Specials section like Goliath Labs Deep Cell Matrix Pre-Workout 2 for $50.00! Elemental Nutrition Mass-Gainer 8kg for only $99.00 (only 6 left) Check out Here for more.
  8. J


    For anyone who is interested you can buy PeptoPro® from the following links in Australia. :cool: Myopure PeptoPro Bulk Nutrition PeptoPro 455g : Wholesale body building supplements | Discount Protein Powder
  9. B

    Eating Heaps but losing weight?!

    Hi All, So i've recently re-visited my diet and cut out un-necessary bits like refined sugars from coke, red bull etc.. unwanted fats and most chocolates etc. Somehow though, I'm losing weight... Below is a typical days food intake. Maybe you can assist where i'm going wrong?? Stats: 70kg...