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  1. S

    2018 Predictions - NEWS and SPORT

    Give us your predictions for 2018 with regard to News and Sport. Mine: News - Donald Trump to lose the Presidency due to scandal. Sport - Jeff Horn to lose the Welterweight title.
  2. Shrek

    Pacquiao v Horn

    Could Horn win?? I hope so.
  3. steveP

    The Deadlift is not a Pull with Richard The Ant Hawthorne

    Some good tips by someone with an incredible body weight to weight lifted ratio. Got deadlifts tonight, so will see if the advice helps.
  4. Mackie

    [Boxing] Boxing Discussions

    So similar to the UFC Discussions thread I thought i'd get a Boxing discussion thread started for anyone who is interested to discuss all things boxing. After having a quick search i found a few boxing related threads, rather than start another specific one i thought i might just start a...
  5. barlo

    Rotator Cuff/Shoulder Horn

    I am trying purchase a shoulder horn like this: Can any one point me towards a local supplier? I have searched but so far had no luck finding one.
  6. K

    Be moral and ethical ppl.

    Gents & ladies, I have to say that my faith in humanity is wavering over the last 3 weeks. I have no confidence in most of the population. I was talking with a guy I know from work the other day. We got on to the subject of how long we have been with our partners. He was 11yrs I am about 12...
  7. kindred

    Pain under ribcage left side

    I have been having a throbing pain under my ribcage on the left side, and was wondering what it could be. Has anyone else ever had that? Sometimes it throba and sometimes it feels like there is an organ under there that is trying to cecede from the rest of my body. I dont know what organ it...