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  1. E


    Hey guys, I’ve recently found on internet this website call oms99.in, chatted with them on whats app and they seem to have a lot of good stuff. Also have good reviews on internet. They have shown me some pictures with aus packages ready for delivery with at least 5 or 6 Aus address. Just...
  2. A

    Mr. India - Mukesh Singh

  3. L

    India fatest in the world ?

    India taking over from the US as the fat capitol of the world. 50 million+ diabetics show a uni kid with a bmi of 50 ABC iview
  4. DKD

    Which national cuisines do you enjoy?

    As per subject title. You can only vote once, but can choose as many nations as you like. No harm in making it public, so I will. Bon appetit itadakimasu 2,4,6,8 bog in, don't wait