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  1. Stiff 2G

    Hard kunts

    Adrian Morely, one of the hardest kunce of all time rates Gordon Tallis as the toughest Player he'd encountered. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AwV1b3OijTc I remember Alan Jeans once said of Dermott (Brereton) "love him or hate him, but you couldn't fault Dermott on courage. He could give it...
  2. C

    Edit username

    Hi just wondering if someone can tell me how to edit my username so real name doesn’t show up when I post
  3. S

    My Health records - opt out or stay in?

    Cyber experts warn that the records won't be safe. There already has been an incidence of a Company selling medical records to Law firms.
  4. A


    hi all has anyone tried SARMS? Where did you get it from? what places are reputable? What did you use and what were the results>? Thanks
  5. Shrek

    Sergio Jr

  6. A

    Do you run bulk/cut cycles

    So how many of you do this and do you feel it's worth it?
  7. V

    Tell the animal names from the pictures

    Let's play a game. Please tell the animal names from the pictures
  8. Repacked


    Anyone got some good ideas for neck exercises without requiring a head strap? Bands?
  9. Jungnaut

    Forever on spread

    I am getting confused! What's going on. I can't give reps out to anyone for ages now. You must spread more rep before giving it to this person again. Well, c'mon having to rep the whole forum just to be able to re-rep again is a bit pointless, no? no? :confused:
  10. J

    Break ups

    Hi all, I'm not quite sure what I hope to get out of posting my question on a public forum but here goes. I've been with my current soon to be ex for 4 years now. We got engaged after 9 or so months but never had an official engagement. She was simply happy to wear a ring with no intention...
  11. B

    Tim Sharky Ward

    Sharky Hmmm this guy lacks the charisma though
  12. Shrek

    Sporting Videos

    Post any videos sports related.
  13. nievs

    [Article] Abs

    Found this picture on the net, what do you think?
  14. R

    Ergopharm - Anabolic Cell Fuel Creatine - Samples

    Hi Guys, I have a few bottles of Ergopharm Anabolic Cell Fuel Creatine to give away check it out at Elite Body! Each bottle is a 30 day supply so im really after some honest reviews of this product in around a months time. So for those of you who are creatine users and would like to try...