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  1. spartacus

    AusBB Military Press challenge

    AusBB Military Press competitions You can post as many times as you like, but clip, date, and bodyweight must be provided on each occasion. Lifts can be from rack, or from ground. In case of lift from ground, as much more impressive, an extra 2.5kg is added to lift when working out...
  2. Goosey

    Three words only

  3. A

    Gym Direct 10% Discount!

    Hi Everyone, To receive the 10% discount on Gym Direct products, simply let us know you're a ausbb.com member when ordering. There is no discount code required. Please send your order to sales@gymdirect.com.au. Please note - No further discount is available for package deal prices (as a...
  4. A

    Kyle Maynard – End Your Excuses for Getting Fit

    Trying to get fit and have used everything excuse under the sun? Stop no more , you have no excuses , check out this guy Kyle Maynard is a congenital amputee but he doesn't let it stop him from staying fit. Fitness is a huge part of his life and he is the owner of a gym in Suwanee, GA called...
  5. K

    Be moral and ethical ppl.

    Gents & ladies, I have to say that my faith in humanity is wavering over the last 3 weeks. I have no confidence in most of the population. I was talking with a guy I know from work the other day. We got on to the subject of how long we have been with our partners. He was 11yrs I am about 12...
  6. J

    High bar squats?

    Hi, I know for low bar squats you should initiate the movement with the hips, as if sitting on the toilet. But what about high bar squats? Do I still initiate the movement with the hips? Thanks
  7. S

    Bent over rows Vs One Arm Dumbell Rows??

    Hey can someone please tell me which is a better back exercise, the bent over barbell row or the one arm dumbell row?? I want to strengthen lower back and lats mainly.
  8. kindred

    I thought milk was good is this guy a nut?

    Its like everything gives you cancer these days. Chocolate Milk...is Good? : Disease Proof