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  1. N

    Safety bar length

    Hi, What length safety bars would you be going for on a half rack? Thanks
  2. J


    I am trying to source some Chain to add to our lifts. Our local Marine Supply has upto 16mm (about 5.6Kg for a Metre Length) But I would really like to get 20mm. Can't seem to find it anywhere!!! Does anybody know where I could get it (we are North Brisbane) ? Or have you used 16mm and is it...
  3. Jungnaut

    How far into your cut before you experience strength loss

    Yes, how far into your cut (time length or bf% reduction progress) before you realised you can no longer progressively overload OR its affecting your training performance in terms of reps and sets?? And so begins the dreaded strength loss. Or would it be reasonable to say that as long as the...
  4. S

    UFC 194 Aldo v McGregor

    Get your tips in. Mod reps for right answer ...... hey @Shrek; :p
  5. A


    So snake season is upon us the other week i was out on the bike and saw this shiny stick on the path , ffarrrrk it's a fucking snake the other day i was out on the bike again , and spotted another snake , this bastard scared the shit out of me , just as i got close to it , it reared up...
  6. A

    How to run faster

    Many of us are always trying to better our times for what ever length run we do. For a while I was hitting a wall not being able to drop significant time off my pace. I read through this great article talking about tips for running faster- Going through this I realized I was making a few...
  7. A

    what's your stride length when walking

    3 Ways to Measure your Step Length1. Measured Walk- Two pens and a tape measure You'll need: Two pens, calculator and a tape measure

 Follow these steps;
 Place one pen on the floor as your starting line.
 Hold the other pen in your hand.
 Place both of your heels so...