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  1. V

    Austpeptides & PerformanceClinics Ipam & CJC1295 Dac ,TB500, BPC 157

    Just wanted to post a thread on peptides & update y'all on their quality from 2 sources (check the tite - domestic sources ). also wanted to know if anyone had ran their stuff before and how it all went. I m running: Ipam & CJC1295 Dac (perfomanclinic) TB500 BPC- 157 (austpep)...
  2. I

    💪 March Madness! 20% to 60% Off! Check It Out! Ends Friday 🔥

  3. Shrek

    Arnold Classic Live Stream. March 3-4

  4. Shrek

    "Phil Heath Guest Posing AT 2016 NPC/IFBB Phil Heath Classic- March 12"

  5. F

    Milen Dobrev dead at 35...

    MILEN DOBREV Born: February 22, 1980, Bulgaria Died: March 21, 2015, Bulgaria (I've just realised and it was sad to know). Height: 1.77 m Weight: 94 kg Milen was a gold medalist at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, has been found dead at his home, aged 35. He also claimed gold at the 2003 world...
  6. Repacked

    Mechanical Doping

    http://www.theage.com.au/sport/cycling/tour-de-france/tour-de-france-2015-fears-cheats-have-a-new-weapon--mechanical-doping-20150701-gi33nd.html The UCI, cycling's world governing body, certainly thinks it is a possibility. After being explicitly warned in March in the Cycling Independent...
  7. spartacus

    Australian Male Powerlifting Biggest Lifts (non-Powerlifting Australia)

    Australian Male Powerlifting Biggest Raw Lifts Best Australianpowerlifting lifts (Male), including all competitions (full lift and singlelift) Squat (including wraps) 52kg William Bright 200kg CAPO 14 March 2015 56kg K. Resit GPC 150kg 8 Nov. 2014 60kg Raymond Wong 185kg PA, 10 Dec. 2014...
  8. B

    March 2015 Newsletter - our latest updates

    During the month of March all orders over $250 will receive a bottle of ZMACapsules, absolutely free! ZMA Capsules are one of our most popular encapsulated products and are often used by those seeking a deeper sleep, increased testosterone production and improved recovery. Many people are also...
  9. A

    Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello join Hulk Hogan in the ring: Raw, March 24,

  10. B

    March 2014 Newsletter - our latest updates

    PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Through March we are offering a free 120 Capsule container of our ZMA Complex with all orders over $250. ZMA, a very popular capsulated product contains Zinc, Magnesium and Vit B6. It's commonly used to assist sleep and hormone function which are said to lead to better...
  11. A

    March Ausbb challenge

    Plank Jacks Please state number of reps completed (I.e.50 reps) , a video for bonus points Rules go as follows 1. Must remain in full plank the entire time. 2. No rest is allowed. 3. Must be continuous movement. 4. Once you pause for more than 2 seconds OR drop out of plank position, your...
  12. B

    We're at the 2013 IFBB Australasia Championships, Saturday March 23rd

    We'll be at the 2013 IFBB Australasia Championships at the Cronulla Leagues Club, tomorrow, Saturday March 23rd, giving out samples of our Cookies & Cream, Pre Workout 101 and BCAA Recovery all day!
  13. chocchillimango

    GPC State Comp March 2013 Day 1 Women Photos

    How cool is this???????????????? Some great inspiring pics...egads I want their legs!!!! GPC States, Day 1 Women at PTC Frankston http://ishootpeople.photomerchant.net/galleries/gpc-state-competition-day-1-women'
  14. tom bro

    PTC Gold Coast Open Day and Novice Comp, March 30, 2013

    To celebrate the arrival of our new equipment (monolift, comp bench and bars), we will be holding an open day and deadlift comp. Anybody is welcome to come and train for free on the day. The PTC Brisbane crew will be here doing fundraising for their worlds team and testing some openers, so...
  15. B

    March Promo - find a free 1kg Creaflex with $200+ orders!

  16. B

    We need a member of the month - March! Cast votes..

    Who is a member that you think deserves some recognition for something they have done for the forum lately or perhaps just helped you personally? This cannot be a member that has already previously won our Member of the Month to give others a chance. We'll then send them out a prize of one of...
  17. B

    March Promo - Free Burner or Test Booster caps

    All through March, you'll find one of these two products in your order free of charge for all $250+ orders. PLEASE NOTE YOUR PREFERRED CHOICE IN THE SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS ON THE CHECKOUT PAGE.
  18. B

    March 2013 Newsletter - our latest updates

    NEWSLETTER - MARCH 2013 Free Capsules for March with orders over $250 Throughout March we will be offering a popular promotion once again, a free bottle of capsules going out with all orders over $250. Customers can select from either our “Burner” or "Test Booster” products...
  19. B

    March Customer of the Month - Nathan Everett

    Congratulations to Nathan Everett - Bulk Nutrients March Customer of the Month! Nathan simply filled out a form! This is without a doubt our most EASIEST competition to win with the HIGHEST valued prize that we give away with the LEAST amount of people that enter! Not a set pre packaged prize...
  20. J

    All Female Classic - March 16 QLD

    All Female Classic - March 16 QLD Who is going to this? It's about a month away now. Sorry, if I put this in the wrong section.