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  1. Shrek

    Sergey Kulaev

  2. N

    What cycle do you think Vitaly is on?

  3. Shrek

    The Frog

  4. Shrek

    The Art of Bodybuilding

  5. WoodyAllen

    204.5kg bench press, no leg drive.

  6. Shrek

    Sergio Jr

  7. A

    frank mcgrath at 20

  8. T

    Is Jeff Seid's physique achievable without steroids?

    He claims to be natural, but I highly doubt it. What kind of cycle is he on? how many cycles has he been on (estimate) Is it physically possible to look like that without steroids. My dream body
  9. Shrek

    Piana exposed

  10. Shrek

    Massive Bodybuilder Craig Golias - Looks Unreal at 330 lbs

    ????? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng76IS_Wbyo
  11. Shrek

    "Big Ramy 200 Lbs Dumbbell Chest Press !"

  12. Shrek

    Recent Kevin Levrone

    Comeback is imminent. ? http://pt.tapatalk.com/redirect.php?app_id=4&fid=6893&url=https%3A%2F%2Finstagram.com%2Fp%2F9epbKWHuyu%2F%3Ftaken-by%3Dkevinlevrone&au_id=4838241
  13. A

    tricep hang on Rich Piana

  14. W

    I bought Nitro Tech and I bought Cell Tech, do any of these have steroids?

  15. Repacked

    Fouad Abiad

    2015 Europa 1st place.
  16. Shrek

    Coleman, Levrone

    Both looking swole.
  17. spartacus

    New Australian powerlifting federation: United Powerlifting Association Australia

    are we spoiled for choice in powerlifting? Australia now has five feds with the United Powerlifting Association Australia recently emerging. http://www.upaaustralia.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/United-Powerlifting-Association-Australia-UPAA/347352212142028
  18. Repacked

    Natty or not...

    The notion that 3663.5km of riding a bike within a three week period might affect the human the body should hardly come as a surprise, but a photo posted by Polish cyclist Bartosz Huzarski's legs taken after the 18th stage of the Tour de France highlighted just how great a toll the event places...
  19. bams_101

    CAPO Nat Deadlift Comps Dec

    Just thought I'd start a thread to see who was planning to going to any of these comps this weekend either as competitors or spectators. They are in TAS, NSW, VIC and QLD this coming Saturday December 8th. WA had theirs yesterday, and if anyone knows results post them up. I'm planning on...
  20. S

    [Cycling] how to build a berm?

    I've built lots of dirt jumps before and im looking at adding a berm to my little course. im sure it takes a lot of work but does anyone have any tips on building one? any advice is appreciated