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  1. A

    afl and nrl grand finals- conspiracy theory

    does anyone else find it rather coincidental that in both NRL and AFL there was a sydney vs Melb rivalry? that in both codes there were two teams that hadn't won in 50-60years? and that both of those teams won and broke the drought :?
  2. spartacus

    article on NRL and stadiums

  3. spartacus

    pick winner and runner up of NRL and AFL by 8 Septmber 2015

    let's have a bit of fun and pick winner and runner up of AFL and NRL, and see who gets closest. 15 points for picking correct exacta (in order with winner and runner up selected), 10 points for picking winner, and five points for either of your two picks making grand final. Selections to be...
  4. spartacus

    NRL strongest player 2015

    http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/nrl/roosters-jared-waerea-hargreaves-claims-nrls-strongest-man-title/story-fni3gn3t-1227279835300 165kg power clean and 300kg deadlift.
  5. Shrek

    2015 NRL & AFL tipping comps

    Here is the link to join. Footy tipping, AFL tipping & NRL tipping competitions PW: Ausbb2015
  6. C

    Fastest man in the NRL.

    No other subject evokes as much fervent debate and conjecture amonsgst Rugby League fans alike, as to who is the fastest player in the NRL. So in your opinion who is the fastest player in the current game?
  7. harry1970

    Sisa Waqa NRL

    Awesome physique. This guy turns heads....
  8. B

    NRL and AFL Tipping Comps.

    being Pro-active... http://www.footytips.com.au/comps/AUSBB_TIPPING2013 The password is doyouevenlift The comp is setup for both NRL and AFL.
  9. P

    NRL Training

    Hi All, I was wondering at the transformation of the physique of professional rugby league (NRL) players today. Most of them, even the big units in the front row, look harder and fitter than a decade ago. They obviously do a lot of cardio for aerobic fitness but I suspect also a serious weight...
  10. Shrek

    [Rugby] Rugby League & Rugby Union discussions.

    The 2010 season is upon us finally. After missing the finals series last season because I was in Europe it has made me even more eager for this season to commence. Here are the latest odds. Parramatta Eels 6.00 Melbourne Storm 7.00 Canterbury Bulldogs 7.50...
  11. M

    [Rugby] NRL Player's Lift stats and strenth info thread

    I will post any articles and strength training info with regards to rugby league in this thread. NRL players show brute strength and power in preseason gym sessions By Tyson Otto February 15, 2010 During the summer months, the stars of the NRL are pumping plenty of iron. Between them there...