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  1. Stiff 2G

    Why State of Origin is so important

    Qld has been playing NSW in Rugby League since around 1910. From 1910 to 1979 the rules of player selection were based on residency - where you lived at the time of playing (not your "Home" state). This allowed NSW to stack their team with Qlders who had moved to Sydney to play in the much more...
  2. Shrek


    Nangs???? Fuck me... It's flat-out stupid': Doctors warn of dangerous rise in use of 'nangs' A girl in her 20s struggles to walk. She has nerve damage to her spinal cord and may never recover. What is a 'nang'? A "nang" is the street name given to a small canister of nitrous oxide, or laughing...
  3. Reide


    Does anyone know about bloods? This is my iron section. My teacher who is training in nutrition feels I have a lot of symptoms of anaemia but the only thing out of wack is transferrin. How do you get this in your diet? My research says that it's supposed to be formed in the liver...
  4. A

    what paint to use to cover up old weights

    as title says.. what paint would be the best to do up some old weights? And where can I buy it?
  5. N

    [Cycling] how to touch-up bike paint scratches/chippings

    hey guys. I've noticed that my frames has a few chips and scratches on it so just wondering what would be the best way to touch up the paint. The scratches aren't all that deep. i have the right colour paint for the frame Is a proper method for applying paint? I've heard that you're only meant...
  6. M

    [Cycling] Glow in the dark paint

    not talking about those little paint sticks that you get at the $2 shop for the kids , but actual paint , checking it out MPK CO. - LITROENERGY and Technological Leader In Glow-In-The-Dark Materials! New Light Source Lasts 15 Years Without a Recharge | ecoble - ecological design, green...