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  1. N

    First Cycle Questions

    HI Everyone Firstly thank you in advance to anyone that can contribute to answering my questions. I recently went to see a surgeon about my gyno and plan to remove as i really want to use gear but have always been concerned around how it can impact the current gyno i have. The surgeon wants me...
  2. WoodyAllen

    Ronnie Coleman doco

  3. S

    Learn power clean in Adelaide

    Hey guys I've been out of lifting due to laziness / 3 young kids / shiftwork for a few years but have just left my job and wanting to spend some time getting back into lifting. Anyone know anywhere decent in Adelaide for a bit of coaching ? I'm basically looking for a check on my squats, deads...
  4. kaz

    [Tv] Game of Thrones Season 5 **SPOILERS*

    Coming to Foxtel Monday 13th April!
  5. K

    Paying someone for exercise/diet program

    Lately Ive been thinking about paying someone to write an exercise and diet program for me. However I dont know if its worth it, the guy is well known in the USA and yes it is online programming. The reason I have recently just come back to being able to train after about 12 months of dealing...
  6. kindred

    What are people paying for their suppliments these days?

    Im interested in a monthy figure. Im curius as to what people are prepared to pay for sups. personally I was at under $10 a month (multi vitamin)