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  1. Goosey

    Iconic photos

    anyone know who this is?
  2. Big Mick

    For Sale - Samson Seated Military Press

    Selling my Seated Military Press, this is a solid unit manufactured by Samson Barbells in Sydney. Looking for reasonable offers, located Mid North Coast NSW. I can possibly deliver to Sydney or Gold Coast by arrangement. Or swap for a Samson Seated Calf Raise Machine. I have offered it here...
  3. K

    How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

    My name is Kevin; I was wondering if there is anyone out there suffering from diabetes, there is a solution that can possibly reverse the diabetes. How can I prove this, I also suffered from diabetes for over 15 years with blood sugar that sometimes rose to 400,then in 2015,I discovered a...
  4. Goosey

    Pull downs

    Possibly the best ever, you got to lean forward and the angle of pull means no escape it doesn't need much weight to stimulate the back
  5. Davepuppies

    Suggested calories?

    This may possibly belong in the nutrition section, but thought I would post here. i haven't trained for a year now, since the birth of my daughter, and got back into the gym this week. i put on plenty of fat, and got a Dexa scan today to calculate my fat free mass, which was 95.6kgs, 91 Lean...
  6. A

    What is the single most nutritious thing to ad to a nutri bullet shake every morning?

    I'm talking packed full of the most minerals/victims one food could possibly have.
  7. A

    Your favorite lifting gear

    Hey guys. Thought it be good to get a more current thread to start talking about your favorite wrist wraps and possibly other gear. There's a lot of great information but with all the newer products this should get some good conversation going.[/FONT][/COLOR] Specifically I think things that...
  8. B

    Possibly brining over Dave Palumbo and Aaron Singerman to Fit X...

    A huge possibility Bulk Nutrients are bringing over Rx Muscle's Dave Palumbo and Aaron Singerman to the Fit X Fitness show in Melbourne this year, at the Bulk Nutrients stand. Thinking of getting a "Workout with Dave Palumbo or Aaron Singerman" competition happening of some sort. Open to...
  9. jzpowahz

    possibly the dumbest nutrition advice

    What's Healthier Skipping Breakfast or Grabbing a Doughnut | Parade.com Wonder why the majority of people are overweight. Getting advice like this from "nutritionists".
  10. TrentZor

    My exp on keto with clients

    This write up is from my experience. All the belwo i calculate for clients and just hand them the final numbers. But if u want to do these yourself this is what ive do. I have over 9 members now reach their goals in under 6 months. Largest drop being 90kg -65kg. I dont go into too much detail...
  11. thechosenone

    BODY BUILDERS/ pro athletes that have died very young possibly from steroid use.

    Was just thinking about it. Its very sad like the likes of eddie guarraro from the wwe dying from a heart attack from to many years of steroid abuse. Anyone know of any popular body builders or other athletes dying very young from a heart attack or something similiar?