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  1. B

    Atlas Stones For Sale

    Hi, If anyones interested, I make atlas stones, they're made from high strength concrete with macro poly reinforcement, vibrated internally and externally then cured. I'm using Hybrid Molds and sizes are 20kg to 130kg. For price and photos look at my Gumtree ad, location North of Brisbane.
  2. M

    Television program about body image

    Hi guys, I'm working on a program about body image in Australia and it would be great to talk to some of the guys and girls on this thread about what the ideal body is, and what lengths we go to to achieve it. The program wants to have an honest conversation about exercise and body image in...
  3. A

    Cryptocat Creates Private, Encrypted Chatrooms on the iPhone

    Don't want the NSA, AFP, your misses catch you chatting about your next shipment of "protien powder" iPhone: Cryptocat is one of the easiest to use encrypted chat clients out there, and today it's available on the iPhone so you can keep your conversations private on the go. Cryptocat for the...
  4. A

    does ausbb have private forums?

    i have been asked this a few times and the answer is no ausbb does not have any private forums
  5. DKD

    Private health care

    Is it worth the expense? Do u have it and are u happy? Are you thinking of getting it?
  6. pumpedup86

    Private lifting comp in perth

    Hey guys, I'm going to organize (once my garage is complete) some private lifting comps. (Perth) My idea is to have once every three weeks some friendly competitions which will range from bench press to fastest prowler pushes to a tyre flipping comp. These will be 20 bucks entry and the winner...
  7. Spartigus

    Getting cert 3 and 4 - Tafe or Private

    Hey everyone!! I introduced myself in the into thread, but I have a question that I think a lot of people here can help me with!! I want to get my cert 3 and 4 in fitness, I want to become a personal trainer, and eventually focus on strength and conditioning. Now I know you can do the cert 3...
  8. A

    Private message space increased

    Have decided to increase private message space from 150messages to 200 messages
  9. kindred

    Do you think normal/social people are attracted to private introverts?

    What are peoples opinions? From the male persepective I'd say some males can depending on how mature they are do you think the same holds true with women? It would be good to get some female opinions!