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    what is this exercise called? does it even exist?

    it's like a barbell front delt raise, except you raise the barbell all the way over head. so do a barbell front raise and extend all the way up until overhead starting from front/waist finish over head. if it's an actual exercise, what is the name of it? also isn't this exercise a pretty good...
  2. spartacus

    sean muir court case fund raiser

    it is with great sadness that I report this with regard to powerlifting news. I hope that ausbb members can contribute a small amount if they agree. https://www.gofundme.com/is-honest-opinion-not-acceptable
  3. Big Mick

    For Sale - Samson Seated Military Press

    Selling my Seated Military Press, this is a solid unit manufactured by Samson Barbells in Sydney. Looking for reasonable offers, located Mid North Coast NSW. I can possibly deliver to Sydney or Gold Coast by arrangement. Or swap for a Samson Seated Calf Raise Machine. I have offered it here...
  4. S

    Floor Glute Ham Raise

    Anyone do many concentric repetitions of these? I've done them at times but only for a change, never regularly.
  5. Shrek

    Arnold Press.

    Yes or no? https://www.muscleandstrength.com/exercises/seated-arnold-press.html
  6. Reide


    I got the vivofit 2 and it told me I am sleeping for 6.5 hours on average. I sort of knew this anyway but is this a bad thing? I literally cannot sleep longer.
  7. Big Mick

    Samson Barbells Seated or Standing Calf Raise.

    Anyone have one for sale??
  8. N

    Glute-ham raise for sale

    Looking for $220 for this glute-ham raise, has an extra wide foot plate 86cm approx. Pickup is in Bayswater North 3153. Email nevharris700@Hotmail.com
  9. A

    What lift did you always shun until you tried it for yourself?

    What exercises did you all think were stupid until you tried it yourself?
  10. Puggy

    Calve Machine? Which one to choose?

    Hello all, I'm assisting my gym in selecting new pieces of equipment for later this year. We've already decided on a new powercage, plate loaded shoulder press and 45 degree leg press. I'm trying to get us a specific standing calve raise machine. However the only one I can find from Matrix...
  11. Shrek

    What are you or what did you train today?

    Not everyone has a log so here you can post what you did or are going to do.
  12. K

    Power cage + Lat machine + Calf raise machine + FID Bench + more [MELB]

    gym equipment - lot Located in Albert Park, pickup ONLY Open to offers for single items, but prefer to sell as a lot. **Weight plates are NOT included in sale** 1. Bodyworx Delux Power Cage with Lat Row + attachments 2. Force USA Flat/Incline/Decline Bench + ATTACHMENTS 3. Force USA...
  13. akaperon

    FT SYD samson leg press for samson standing calf raise

    howdy old school heavy duty horizontal leg press that takes standard weight plates up for trade for a Samson standing calf raise (if there is one out there) usual wear, tear and rust for a 20 plus year old machine can exercise both legs together or separate as there is a removable pin (not...
  14. K

    Power cage + Lat machine + Calf raise machine + FID Bench + more [MELB]

  15. B

    Barbell Rear Delt Raise

    Anyone do these, I'm on a huge kick to keep my rear delts killer to avoid making my shoulder problems any worse. The curse of the bench bro LOL. I was lurking an old fave website ExRx (Exercise Prescription) on the Internet and they break up bodyparts by their relevant exercise and this was one...
  16. H

    Samson Seated calf raise machine

    Hi All, I am after a samson seated calf raise machine willing to pay to have one of these babies your help will be much appreciated.:)
  17. A

    Calcium supplements may raise risk of heart attack

    Calcium supplements, which many people consume hoping to ward off osteoporosis, may increase the risk of heart attack by as much as 30 percent, researchers reported Friday. These tiny tablets which carry concentrated doses of calcium were also associated with higher incidences of stroke...
  18. Tyrone B.

    Seated Calf Raise

    I'm gonna have a go at building one of these with a mate in the coming weeks. Looks simple enough (most gym equipment is, really). Has anyone built one of these before, or does anyone have one and can take a few simple measurements for me please?
  19. B

    [Boxing] Is it possible to raise your pain threshold ?

    Wasn't sure where to post this question so thought i would post it here. Is there anyway that a person could raise their pain threshold?
  20. S

    Training and fatherhood....

    Not sure if this is in the right place, but I just want to find out if there are any new fathers out there who have had to stop training because they just had babies or for those who have been, how long it took before going back and hitting the weights and how you balance the whole equation out...