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  1. O

    [Article] What are the main exercises for body building?- Odeta Stuikys Rose

    Hello Members, This is Odeta stuikys Rose and I'm new here. I want to know what are the basic exercises of bodybuilding for beginners? Please share your valuable views, it will help me a lot to achieve my desired goal. Thanks!!
  2. J


    Anyone have good bulking results with Vitargo that justifies the price?
  3. T

    NBA star Derrick Rose being accused of gang rape. Victim demanding $28 million

    NBA star Derrick Rose being accused of gang rape, victim demands $30 million
  4. Shrek

    PWO Carbs - Share your experiences.

    Do you take them, dextrose, waxy maize starch, Vitargo etc? How much do you take? Where did you buy it? How much did you pay? What are/were the results?
  5. Shrek

    "AC/DC + Axl Rose Back in Black Lisbon 2016"

    Broken leg et al. https://youtu.be/Z1SF7vZ6QAw
  6. A


    Has anyone tried incredibulk by PS nutrition?
  7. A

    Rose Black: INBA World Champion on what it’s really like behind the scenes at competi

    Rose Black: INBA World Champion on what it’s really like behind the scenes at competitions Rose Black has taken the bodybuilding scene by storm after taking up the sport two years ago. Pic: Rose Black Facebook Source: Supplied OATS, protein and LOTS of dead lifts — that’s what it takes to...
  8. I

    Venom Red & French Rose Pink Orions

    Some new prototypes we're working on, ladies included this time. Also a non-pink version will be available :)
  9. R

    Sperm issues in men and women

    Hi… I just want to know after sexual intercourse, is it necessary that women also have to get the sperm out? I mean if sperm never come out from women, then women have any problem? Does he need to take seek advice from physician? With men is it always happen that they fall sperm, but the...