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  1. spartacus

    Article on Justin Gatlin

  2. S

    GAMSAT Practice Test

    How much gamsat exams are important and do you know any best sources for practice test.
  3. Shrek

    Animal Barbell Club

  4. Fadi

    Simply Walking - GPS Map Steps

    There's a reason to why I'm sharing this app with you if you like walking. Generally, we all sometimes fall into this habit of following the crowd, or looking at what is most popular based on the reviews of others. Well, this app which I downloaded about two days ago, had a review score of 3.9...
  5. A

    Questions for those who work in the field of health/fitness/nutrition!

    What do you do? If you don't mind sharing, how much do you make doing what you do? Are you happy with your job? What kind of certifications/education did you need to get where you are today? What is your typical day like? What is your typical work schedule?
  6. Shrek

    Dallas McCarver - 6.5 weeks out from Chicago Pro

  7. M

    Peach Cinnamon Protein Shake Recipe

    Always find it important to keep my diet exciting and prevent boredom which makes dieting so much easier. I found this delicious protein recipe I'd thought was worth sharing. Just blend all ingredients together and enjoy! Ingredients 2% milk 1 cup Dymatize Elite Whey , Vanilla...
  8. Shrek

    Shawn Ray: Massive Size

  9. A

    Ausbb now on instagram

    Good news everyone , Ausbb has just signed up to instagram Ausbb
  10. P

    Perth people - Sharing a Pallet for an equipment order from Aussie Strength

    Hi guys, this is a long shot i know I was looking at ordering a bit over 300kg of stuff from Aussie Strength and the cheapest way of doing it is a pallet costing $330. Now it would still cost $330 for upto 1000kg on the pallet. I don't suppose anyone is looking to order any big items from...
  11. A

    Winners Announced for 2012

    First off ,i would like to apoligize for the delay in the judging, as mention before judges are only volunteers ,they had things to do over the festive season There were many great entrants alot of hard work going into the transformations. I would like to say to each and every entrant that it...
  12. J

    Importance of Water

    It's so simple, yet so often ignored. Water. The stuff of life. About 70% of the earth is covered in it, the same as the amount found in your body. Water is needed for every single metabolic process, including protein synthesis. So if your training intensity is high, one of the simplest things...
  13. J

    Bodybuilding Exercises - Examples, Demonstrations & Exercise Videos

    Bodybuilding Exercises - Examples, Demonstrations & Exercise Videos Bodybuilding exercise guide. Sometimes you see a bodybuilding exercise getting mentioned but your not quite sure what it is or how to do it. Her with these videos below , you can Learn the correct bodybuilding exercise form...