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  1. S

    SARMs in Australia now that no international site is shipping?

    Looks like all reputable international sites have stopped shipping to Australia. What local sites are good to go? I’m after MK-677.
  2. J

    Australian websites

    please delete please delete
  3. N

    What cycle do you think Vitaly is on?

  4. G

    What is proper squat form?

    Hello, I ask this for one reason... internet seems to have a variety of forms which are all classified 'correct'. Most forms I notice are pretty much feet pointing forward (away from you in a straight line) then squat down and up. I then found a powerlifting site that says feet should point...
  5. Repacked

    Charles Dixon 212

  6. Repacked

    Jason Huh

  7. spartacus

    netflix, quckflix, and other web streaming sites

    just joined Netflix today, anyone got it. Thoughts?
  8. A

    Raw supplement sites?

    Any good raw supplement companies in Australia thanks
  9. BigBalls

    Footy Peptide scandal closing down sites

    Has anyone noticed that after the Footy peptide scandal that websites have been shutting up shop? I would have thought this would be great advertising and that the websites would be busier than ever. Just my thought...
  10. M

    Best high-protein, low-carb recipe sites?

    I know there's a lot of great recipes here - I'll be trying some soon - and I've already got CCM bookmarked :), but what about some other excellent places to look/bookmark? People's blogs in particular, I guess.
  11. C

    Legit peptide supplier within aus

    Has anyone heard of premium peptides they ship within aus ? Do you think they are legit products
  12. B

    Any reliable peptide sites??

    Hi guys, Long time forum read, first time poster here. Just wondering if anyone know of any sites for peptides (GHRP-6 specifically) that will get into Australia fine aswell. If you can't post it due to forum rules could you please PM me? Prefferably one that you have purchased from as I know...
  13. thechosenone

    Lol at scamming steroid sites.

    Wont post up any sites at the risk of getting introuble, but ive been looking at thailand sites, one inparticular that claims they can get steroids into australia undetected LOL. Me and my mate bought something small for like 20 bucks a couple of mls of test prop and cost 15 dollar postage, SO...
  14. DKD

    Ausbb Genius' Roundtable: Bacon

    Ok all you Einsteins, tell me your thoughts on bacon. Most guys here go for protein, protein and then more protein....for obvious reasons. What about bacon though....it ain't too lean, is it a good part of the weight trainers diet? I rarely have it at home, however I make frequent work trips...
  15. DKD

    Work Romances

    Is it a good or bad idea to be involved in a relationship with someone at work? I'm not necessarily talking about the Xmas party 'liaison', I'm thinking more the ongoing affair. Have you, or someone you know, had any good or bad experiences of this? What are your thoughts?
  16. D

    Best USA protien sites?

    someone posted some good ones ages ago. Just cant remember the links Since the dollar is so good i might buy a bunch of stuff
  17. D

    Sites to increase your nutritional knowledge

    Here are a few sites I have been reading, these guys are quite thorough and will give you a good background on diet. One point to take home, and one I like to stress lately, is that everything is different for everyone. Just because I lose fat well on a moderate carb-high protein-moderate fat...